4 thoughts on “Six Feet”

  1. I’ll stay six feet apart. I’ll even follow the store traffic pattern. (Probably a good idea to have anyway.) But I absolutely REFUSE to wear a “mask” only useful for virtue signalling. Putting my money where my mouth is — pun not intended — I am planning to drive across country to see my son & his family, 2200 miles, rather than fly.

  2. I just listened to a presentation by the Medical Director from my county’s Health Department about the WuFlu. He also happens to have been my personal Physician for 35 years, before he retired and took the Medical Director job as a part time gig last year. Kinda bad timing! He was always a very professional, competent, knowledgeable and practical as a doctor. He would bluntly tell you what was going on with little or no sugarcoating. Basically just what you want from a doctor.

    Anyway, he went through all of the current statistics as of last night, what we know about the disease (spread, treatments, etc), the state and local restrictions and how they are determined, and where we headed in terms of community health. It was interesting and somewhat sobering. Most statistics and indicators are heading the wrong way.

    He was adamant that we need the masks in outdoor public spaces if we can’t keep 6 feet apart. When we are indoors in public spaces he thinks we need them all the time.

    Now, he is no fool, nor is he an alarmist Chicken Little type. His point was simply that it is a small price to pay to keep things open, otherwise we are headed for another shut down.

    I can be as stubborn as anybody, do NOT like to be told what to do, and I am definitely NOT a Virtue Signaler, but I think I can swallow my pride and endure the few minutes of discomfort of wearing a mask so that we can avoid more economic destruction and possibly prevent someone from being infected.

  3. Mask wearing has become a political issue with virtue signaling by mask wearers as well as mask non-wearers.

    That said, I wear two masks when I’m around other people.

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