Your “It’s Gonna Be A While Before You Get Vaccinated” Banana Cherry Nut Bread Recipe

I have been rewarded with many correct calls so far while watching the botched and hilarious clownshow that is the vaccination rollout. Just about every single thing I predicted would come to pass, has. These predictions included:
1) Sensational tales of adverse reactions to a vanishingly tiny amount of people (I’m guessing these are the same communists that can’t eat peanuts)
2) Freezers “breaking down” and/or vaccines getting “misplaced” and heroic technicians vaccinating random people (Does anyone really believe these stories? Or at a minimum doesn’t everyone assume we are missing at least part of the story?). The media always, always has to have a hero.
3) Ridiculous systems and classifications of those supposed to receive the vaccine
4) Logistic and other failures
I have worked in industrial distribution all of my adult life, and know a thing or two about logistics. I also know a thing or two about government. I can’t think of too many worse combinations than logistics and government. Naturally, and predictably, the vaccination program is a total and complete farce. If we just would have left it to Walgreens and/or CVS and let them make some money at it, the whole shebang would probably be done by now, subject to availability of the vaccines of course. The whole debacle makes me sigh out loud, and creates hunger. I looked through grandmas recipe box and found a recipe that worked perfectly as I had exactly three bananas that were “on sale”, so to say, in my fruit basket.

This recipe is attributed to Alice Petersen, and is marked by my grandmother on the card as “very good”. I agree. It is very good.
Banana Cherry Nut Bread
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 10 oz jar cherries and juice – leave the cherries whole *I love ingredients like this. Upon going to the supermarket, it quickly becomes apparent that cherries are not sold in jars anymore, nor in 10 oz sizes. I saw a 15 oz can but was then faced with the choice of cherries in heavy syrup or water. I chose water and it worked out. I just cut the 15 oz can down to 2/3 (and naturally, began to snack down the other 1/3 of the can, before having to give some to my spousal unit, who threatened to burn my possessions in the street if I ate them all). I’m guessing back when grandma wrote this one up that the packaging for cherries was quite different than it is today.
1/2 cup butter or margarine
3 mashed bananas
2 cups flour
1 tsp soda
1/2 cup walnuts

Cream the sugar and butter; add eggs; mix. Then add bananas and mix thoroughly. Blend in flour and soda. Add cherries, juice and nuts and stir until mixed. Pour into 2 small loaf pans and bake one hour at 350.

Super simple and rewarding. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Your “It’s Gonna Be A While Before You Get Vaccinated” Banana Cherry Nut Bread Recipe”

  1. You’re way off base with #1. The vaccines are “safe” in absolute terms but the number of side effects, whether “minor” or massive, are something like 100x for the flu vaccine, and far higher than would be tolerated for any other vaccine.

    As always, our media are trash and will be the death of our society.

  2. Re: #1 – agree with Brian

    Re: cherries in a jar: I think you should add this aside to the canonical recipe. For historical record.

  3. I have not sought an appointment for the vaccine, because I have questions and no one seems to want to answer:
    1. For how long are innoculates (sp) protected?
    2. What ever happened to the idea that antibodies should be developed for protection?
    3. Why should drug companies be held in-useable?
    4. why take a 95% effective vaccine against getting a flu that has a fatality rate in the fractions of a per cent?

  4. George,
    In order:
    1: No one knows and won’t for some time, probably years.
    2: Antibodies to this don’t seem to last long, see above.
    3: How much would you charge if every dose subjected you to unlimited liability?
    4: Some have a higher chance of dying and some might wish to protect them. Some might just wish to avoid a couple of weeks of misery, there is a broad range of outcome short of death that is worth avoiding.

  5. 1. A year ago the claim was that you could get covid once, then never again. There were reports of re-infection that were usually dismissed as false reports. So we don’t know. One thing that has never stopped in the last year is false certainty, on any side. We are so doomed.
    2. Vaccines are part of how we deal with diseases, there’s nothing “wrong” with that. Of course, there’s a serious bait-and-switch going on, since mRNA “vaccines” are fundamentally and qualitatively different from anything we’ve done before.
    3. As I’ve said before, I fully expect pfizer to be sued out of existence in a couple decades, but I’m sure they and other drug companies kind of always are factoring that into their actions nowadays anyway. As for moderna, well…
    “In February 2016, an op-ed in Nature criticized Moderna for not publishing any peer-reviewed papers on its technology, unlike most other emerging and established biotech companies, and compared its approach to that of the controversially failed Theranos.[30] In September 2018, Thrillist published article titled, “Why This Secretive Tech Start-Up Could Be The Next Theranos”,[31] criticizing its reputation for secrecy and the absence of scientific validation or independent peer-review of its research, though having the highest valuation of any U.S. private biotech company at more than $5 billion.[11][12] A former Moderna scientist told Stat: “It’s a case of the emperor’s new clothes. They’re running an investment firm, and then hopefully it also develops a drug that’s successful”
    Sound like a company you want injecting you and your kids, annually, forever?
    4. For some people the risk/rewards is different than for most. Death is not the only thing that can happen to you. Weeks or more in an ICU, but you survive, is still an outcome you would like to avoid if at all possible. One thing that is infuriating but unsurprising is that those who dismiss that you can die “with but not from” coronavirus (and I dismiss it in nearly all cases) are adamant that every bad reaction you can find is “with but not from” the vaccines. Literally they claim that the vaccines are 100% safe. 100.00000, zeros to infinity, percent safe. Like I said, we’re doomed.

  6. The state of Arizona is doing a good job protecting me and my wife from the consequences of the vaccines. I will be 83 this month and she was 76 last month. She has a chronic immunodeficiency, and takes a drug called Xolair for it.

    Our internists have no access to the vaccine program and she waited an hour on the phone to try to make an appointment for us. We did manage to get Pima County to acknowledge our existence and we are waiting to hear from a local hospital to schedule an appointment God knows when.

    So, we are safe from the vaccine so far and probably for some time to come.

  7. Everyone “knows” that the virus came from the Wuhan lab. It’s impossible to honestly believe otherwise. So here’s something you never see discussed anywhere–even if you believe it got out by accident, isn’t it in someone’s interest for it to keep having “mutations” that keep it from being able to ever be properly contained? Maybe all the mutations are natural, I’m just saying there is motive for those who started this to keep it going…

  8. Brian — I don’t know whether the Chines Communist Party launched Covid-19 deliberately, but they certainly were geared up to turn a not-too-serious issue into global Lock Downs from which (surprise! surprise!) China has been the only beneficiary. Cui Bono? points in only one direction — even though the Senile Sniffer’s handlers may think they benefitted from being able to pull off their electoral fraud because of Covid, the Democrat Establishment is functionally merely a pawn of the CCP who stand to gain from replacing Trump with Beijing Biden.

    As to the virus itself, conventional wisdom is that viruses naturally mutate continuously — which is the reason why annual flu shots are required. Conventional wisdom is also that virus tend to mutate into less lethal forms. That is pure Darwinism, since a virus mutation which keeps its host alive & spreading the virus will outcompete a virus which kills its host. Whether conventional wisdom is correct, I cannot say.

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