2 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz Waiting Room Series: 34”

  1. FWIW, the comments appear to be disabled on the subsequent “political chernobyl” article.

    I assume this is a teething issue with the new system.

  2. re: that other post with comments turned off, the fury towards Trump was not due to “ideology, race, and religion”, it was due to class. Period. He was not from the right class, and his supporters were not from the right class. Of course, typically in history “ideology, race, and religion” are highly tied to class, but we should still stay focused on the real issue, not secondary distractions. The country is supposed to be run by highly educated white people, the Professional Managerial Class, the PMC (which was so dominant in communist countries, before it spread to democracies post-WWII). Oh, they let non-whites into the club sometimes, but as CRT shows, their model of the world revolves completely around white people. I would include “wealthy” but of course a lot of the fury we see from that sort is because they are far more educated than they are wealthy, and most of them are consumed by rage that society doesn’t appreciate them more. They went to the “right” schools, did all the “right” things, why were they stuck in marginal situations instead of being recognized for how great they are? It’s just not fair…

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