American Gulag

Now that we have our very own American ‘Zampolitz” – political enforcers looking over all of our shoulders, tirelessly searching for the tiniest deviation from what has been ordained as orthodox by the wokerati – it looks as if we have our own gulag mini-archipelago. So mini, in fact that it is more of a single island. And mercifully not in Siberia, and the inhabitant prisoners are not being starved and worked to death doing hand labor on massive infrastructure projects. Not yet, anyway.

Meanwhile, after six months of violent riots, massive destruction of public and private property, looting, murder and various personal mayhem in places like Portland, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Kenosha, the frequently arrested BLM-Antifa protestors are routinely freed on bail or without, often within hours. Whereas those arrested after the January 6th protest in Washington are being held for months, without a whisper of bail, or even of formal charges being filed. The process is the punishment, as is often observed. The Washington political elite were no doubt scared out of their tiny minds at the presence of large numbers of ordinary citizens who were extremely irate with them. The political elite and the lickspittle media will be avenged on those uppity citizens exercising their right of assembly and protest – the very nerve of those working-class proles, thinking they can object to whatever their betters have dictated! Frankly, seeing what is being meted out to them as punishment for those arrested for participating the 6 January protest (and it was not a riot or an insurrection – at the very worst it was a rowdy self-guided tour of the Capitol Building) I have to wonder what would have been done if they had just taken a page from BLM-Antifa’s book; arson, looting, throwing frozen bottles, bricks, fireworks, and cement milkshakes at police officers. Maybe that would have merited the Siberian labor camp sentence for a couple of decades.

Nothing more exemplifies the dual standard in justice now in place: the ordinary and mostly peaceful protesters have the book thrown at them and months of confinement in solitary with no bail or charges filed … while the pampered progressive pets get the revolving door treatment – much like this prize specimen of a human being. Comment as you wish.

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  1. John Sullivan walks free, none of the other people who were with him have been identified or arrested, and yet total randos who peacefully walked around the rotunda have now been in jail for four months, with no sign of release anytime soon, even though most of them will almost certainly end up having all charges dropped.
    This regime is an illegitimate joke.
    “The villagers who met under the village tree could also hang their politicians to the tree. It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.”–GKC

  2. Fortunately, President Putin intends to bring up the issue of the Biden* Administration’s mistreatment of political protestors at their forthcoming summit meeting. Doubtless President Xi will also be prepared to berate the White House Resident over his vicious human rights abuses when they eventually meet.

    Who would have thought even a few years ago that the US would one day be represented by a senile sniffer surrounded by the stench of electoral fraud, while US citizens would have to look to the autocratic leaders of Russia & China to make the case on behalf of justice & human dignity?

  3. I know – ironic, right? Putin taking up the treatment of obvious political prisoners in the US, for nothing more than protesting. I know that he hasn’t their fair treatment at the top of his mind, it’s just a means of mind-f*cking the Biden-Harris administration, but you’ve got to admit that it’s a worthy cause.
    Brings to mind Churchill’s comment (IRRC) about Hell, if Hitler should ever invade there – at least he expected the House of Commons to send a statement of sympathy to Satan…

  4. I understand that there are now over 200 ransomware attacks so far this past year. The beef and gas shutdowns are bad enough but I now understand that the ferry to Nantucket Island has been affected. That should stimulate some action. If Obama is trapped on the island, anything could happen.

  5. This could be taken as a tangible sign that the theft of the last [and all probable future] elections mean that the Constitution no longer restricts the government. Or anyone else.

    Subotai Bahadur

  6. One wonders how the wokerati imagined the “insurrection” would play out. Let’s see, instead of attacking the executive like all respectable insurrectionists in the past, they went after the legislature. Apparently the idea was to kidnap a quorum of the Congress critters, then force them to pass a law that would hand power to the “insurrection.” The executive would meekly acquiesce and leave town. Trump would be recalled from exile, and from then on everything would be “nice and legal.” Great plan!

  7. Pretty much all the protesters had guns. pretty much all of them left their guns at home.
    Someone intending to commit an act of violence would have brought a gun. Someone even contemplating committing an act of violence would have brought a gun.
    There is no fantasy of how the “insurrection” was intended to play out. People calling the protest an insurrection are simply lying. Moreover, it’s a signalling form of lying. The listener knows what the speaker says is untrue, the speaker knows it is untrue. The actual message conveyed is, Orange Man bad, Orange Man supporters bad.

  8. exactly, the latest plea bargain involved someone who took selfies in the capital, that’s obstruction, only in bearded spock universe, meanwhile those two lawyers that threw molotov cocktails at police cars!! in new york, they were let off with a slap on the wrist, of course then there is grozny on the willammette, portland, that’s like any of those beleagerd capitals,

  9. I’ve come to suspect that the Constitution has effectively been a dead letter for decades, because our self-described elite has hated it and worked to subvert it for much longer than anyone would have thought.

    For example, I note that a GOP congressman named John Anderson ran as an independent against Ronald Reagan in 1980. This is a historical footnote of course, but after observing the behavior of the gop establishment over the last few years, I think he was put up to run by said establishment in an attempt to cause Reagan to lose. In other words, the party has been working against its political base going all the way back to at least 1980. I never would have thought this a few years ago- and I bet most conservatives wouldn’t have either.

    Another example, which occurred to me after observing the jaw-dropping vote fraud of the recent election and the amazingly inaccurate polling that accompanied it. In 2006, I was reading the website of a radio host named Hugh Hewitt. He was writing about the polls for various senate races. The GOP candidates were reported to be narrowly behind. He looked at the internals, and noted that the democrats were way oversampled, etc, etc, with the point that the Republicans were actually doing OK and likely to win. They did not, and to my recollection, the polls were amazingly accurate at predicting the actual result. I recall thinking at the time, well I guess the polls were right after all. In light of 2020 polling- which on one occasion claimed that Trump was 17 points behind in Wisconsin- I think in 2006 the polls were simply being massaged to give credence to the reported result, which was fraudulent.

    What’s my point in rambling on about my feelings? This- we have been living a sham a lot longer than most people would have suspected.

    What changed? Why does it seem different now? My take- the regime is losing its grip upon the country, and is desperately trying to get it back. Hence the idiotic claims about the January 6th protest, the kid-glove treatment dished out for the burn loot murder rioters, the bizarre imposition of CRT upon the public school system and the military, etc.

    The regime has no choice but to attempt such extreme measures, because otherwise it would simply lose elections decisively and obviously and be casually tossed on to the ash-heap of history, like Mitt Romney.

    Instead, it has chosen to go out with a bang. But it will go, one way or another.

  10. }}} This could be taken as a tangible sign that the theft of the last [and all probable future] elections mean that the Constitution no longer restricts the government. Or anyone else.

    This is, indeed, one of the presumptions one should take into consideration when making intermediate term plans.

  11. “…grozny on the willammette”
    Ima steal this one! My 2 elder sisters live on the Willamette, a bit south in Corvallis.
    Both progs to the core, Corvallis being a college town- OSU. Thanks, miguel.

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