Important People–People Who Matter

The UK government has decided that senior executives can temporarily leave quarantine in England if they are undertaking business activities which are likely to be of significant economic benefit to the UK.

(Hopefully, the virus will be informed and will conduct itself accordingly)

I suspect that many of the activities which in reality could benefit the UK economy greatly do not meet the requirements of this ruling by the Department for Business, Industry, and Industrial Strategy and hence are not viewed by the government as truly important.

An extremely successful startup CEO once remarked to me that ‘the secret to startups is that you have very smart people working on very small things.”  By ‘small’, he definitely did not mean ‘unimportant’, rather, that the activity…whatever its future potential…was still not yet large enough in revenue and perhaps also in public awareness to get proper attention at the senior levels of a typical large corporation. (And by ‘smart’, he didn’t mean just IQ, but the whole range of business skills)

Governments will always tend to focus on things which are large, or fashionable, or both, and will more often than not act as inhibitors toward true innovations.

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  1. “They” are “Special”, i.e.Nomenklatura. Theirs don’t stink.

    They are the “Worthies” who rate new, hemp rope.

  2. They are not doing well. Brexit is costing Britain a lot and the prospects are not good. They have lost their City of London financial centre to Amsterdam, it was the greatest in Europe before. That was not part of the free trade in goods, which is very limited anyway.

    They are going to break the Northern Island agreement which should make relations with the US interesting, among others. Its what they refer to as a “pig’s breakfast” at this point. They are down many many billions over their need for the ability to keep brown people away. The whole thing is driven by racism, and the hope of the very rich, that they can profit from this awful move.

    Its very funny indeed and I guess they need their various movers and shakers to be free of too many impediments as they try to salvage what they can.

  3. Since when is it “racist” to exclude non-productive, hostile parasites? The education and intelligence level of the “immigrants” and “refugees” taken into the EU will be a ensure that they are a burden for generations. As with West Africa centuries ago, it is a trash disposal program for the “owners” of the source countries.

    The “financial” garbage is a scam run by the people better suited to be employed by Jersey City gangsters. Grift through debt of the victim. “Such a deal!” The productive business/industry of Europe has been pawned for chump change to the CCP. No one who hopes for a future will tie their “ship” to the European garbage scow. The UK has built industry, a nation and an empire. I trust that great spirit and creativity is still there. On the other hand, importing the useless from the Mid-East and Africa will import the desolation of the world.

    It would have been much easier with a cooperative United States but we will be too busy helping the new population burden drive the old ghetto burden into the suburbs. Compton (California), anyone? The Illegal Imports brought in by the Leftists and their associated “Beaner Banditos” drove Team Ghetto out of Compton. Guess what is coming to your neighborhood. For a price, the Corruptocrats will “save” the property and infrastructure investments of the elite by exporting the ghetto to suburbia and replacing the Welfare burden with “hard-working” Central American peasants. Did anyone think that the Antifa(Burn, Loot, Murder) was just chaos? The burned out White businesses are no longer an impediment to the Illegal influx. You are going to love your new neighbors.

    Specifically in response to the “racist” remark. “Useless” and “stupid” have no race. And for bonus points, every immigrant that I have encountered despises Team Ghetto who can’t hold a job or raise a family. Compton Everywhere is inevitable. That is just for the lower tier occupations that most Illegals can manage. It will be several generation before the Illegals can manage some of the better occupations which will be done cheaper in India and China. The only race that matters will be the White suckers who allowed their world to be stolen. The Brits seem to be making an effort to keep their country.

    The Corruptocrats and the elite will be playing “Lets make a deal” while they bamboozle the White suckers with chants of “Racism”. The Whites can do things better, but that isn’t where the profit is in todays “good enough” system. The “Masters of the Ghetto” get a new, docile population and, for now, “White”, or “Sort of White” can be imported from Asia. And all they have to do is say “Racism” to silence the suckers who will end up paying for it all and living next to the displaced urban waste population.

    If the imported useless burden being imported into Europe is so dammed capable, why aren’t the Mid-East and Africa economic and industrial powerhouses like parts of Asia?

    Amsterdam. Great place for the NMP (?New Monetary Policy?) which involves getting rich off the grift from debt, and escaping before the suckers realize that all the currency printed to retire the debt isn’t even good for toilet paper. Amsterdam was, as I recall, where lots of people got rich in a tulip “bubble”, which at least sort of smelled nice. Better the debt huckster caravan moves to Amsterdam, while London still has something of an honorable reputation.

  4. “… London still has something of an honorable reputation.”

    Eh? The home of the South Sea Bubble, which was based on the potential profits from selling African slaves? The progenitor of the Opium Wars, which have led to a modern China determined to repay the ancient wrongs imposed upon that country? The home of rehypothecation of other people’s assets?

    Maybe the reference was to London, Ontario?

  5. I fear the Britain cast off from the E.U. too late and is likely to be sucked down with the rest. The “City” prospered long before the E.U. and largely in spite of the government, in some ways an almost libertarian enclave where it was presumed gentlemen and adults capable of looking out for themselves and living with their mistakes held sway. Fortunes were made and lost in a day, often from some occurrence thousands of miles away that never made the papers.

    This is simply something that bureaucrats of any nationality can not allow to exist. It was on the way out and if some vestige manages to relocate to Amsterdam, it won’t survive for long just across the border from Brussels.

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