Happy Birthday to US

I was patiently waiting for one of the other authors here to put up some sort of post today to celebrate the birthday of these most excellent United States. Seeing nothing, I provide a short story before I wish you a most happy Fourth of July.

Last night I went to a local neighborhood party. It was one of those where the local dads pooled (a lot of) money to purchase various illegally obtained incendiary devices, both terrestrial and aerial. Many treats were served (dish to pass required for admission), and the theme of the party was all stars and stripes. Everyone had stars and stripes attire, the food was all stars and stripes, and the colors of the day were most certainly red, white and blue, down to the host houses hand towels in the bathroom.

Before the municipal sized devices were detonated, much conversation was had. Even though the people were across the political spectrum, all agreed that the idiotic and dunderheaded reaction to covid over the last year was hated by all, and many jokes were made about the higher ups making said terrible decisions. It was refreshing and a great time, without a mask in sight.

The American spirit, at least here in flyover country, is still strong. The national anthem was played before the fireworks, and during the explosions John Philip Sousa music was playing. We have a lot of problems in this country, but at least for one night, it was good to be a proud American. Most media will try to play it down and make all seem terrible. If they want to live in misery, so be it.

Happy Fourth to you all and God Bless America.

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  1. And a blessed and fiercely independent 4th of July to you and yours, as well! Being that we are pretty much stuck at home with the infant Grandson Unit, we’re having a small and intimate 4th, with grilled baby back ribs and whole corn on the cob, with a teeny small watermelon for afters.

    The mask idiocy is pretty much done, here in Texas, save for perhaps doctors’ offices. Even the plant nursery which, weirdly enough, were the most dedicated mask Nazis of all have backed off demanding wear of the pestilential things.
    Good luck with getting us locked down again, and I don’t care how much the establishment media is running around with their hair on fire, screaming about the ‘delta’ variant. That ship has sailed.

  2. Oh I agree with that Sgt. Mom – no way is anyone, at least around here, going back to any sort of lockdown. Even with this SCARY DEADLY NEW VARIANT I can’t remember the last time we had a covid death here in Dane County. And enjoy the ribs!

  3. Sounds like a great evening, Dan. When I see the commies denouncing the Declaration, the Constitution, and the flag,. I see red and I want to ship them all to Africa.

  4. Happy Independence Day to one & all — and no hard feelings to the English!

    A lot of people sacrificed, suffered, and died to get us to this point. Maybe for the last generation or so, we have taken all of that for granted, and let it start to slip through our fingers. Could this be the year enough of us sit up straight and say “No More!”? Let’s enjoy the celebration — and then start doing what needs to be done.

  5. We flew to Chicago yesterday to visit family and the city provided free fireworks last night. Last word was 37 shot at last count. Fortunately none were near us. We have decided to stay south of 95th street. Tomorrow we will drive down state to see old family locations. No trips to downtown or north Michigan Avenue in recent years. I understand Water Tower Place is boarded up and some of the major stores have left.

  6. “then start doing what needs to be done.”

    That’s the big question isn’t it. I am thinking, what could I do better given our current situation. While I am pretty much stocked up on self sustainment and defense, now I’m thinking how I prevent the need for that stuff.


  7. Well, I did wish Happy Fourth and suggest a reading of Mencken’s DoI in American a few hours ago on the Generally Speaking thread. But it never hurts to say it again.

    Lots of neighbors having multi-family unmasked events–good to see.

    Cousin Eddie

  8. Nice little small town parade where we are. And afterwards a picnic at the local park where elected officials – local only, alas – volunteered to sit in a ‘dunk tank’.


  9. In the spirit of the three day weekend:

    Here’s a link full up with Douglass quotes:
    Compare any five word passage with the entire spew of Maxine Waters.

    It is also fitting that we thank those that are in service to the country, especially those thousands that are immediately in harms way. We should also appreciate that in times past, that number was in millions. At the same time, it is also fitting on the day commemorating the Declaration of Independence to remind them that their pledge of service is not to their officers or even to The President but to the country and The Constitution. The the ideals embodied in it, not to some collection of GPS coordinates or a “Homeland” (how I detest that appellation, that together with “Fatherland”, has been used as justification for the worst depredations of history). And to pray that if they ever come into conflict that they choose the ideas rather than the men.

    We have always been a country that paid attention to history, both good and, especially, the bad, with the intention of using the past to as a guide to improvement. This has always provided fodder for trolls. We have never let that stop us. Just as scientific progress relies on accurate measurements of the real world, the history we use to guide us must be the closest to the objective truth humanly possible, not some collection of paranoid fantasies concocted to exploit the latent guilt of an imperfect society.

    Finally, we have all suffered various impositions on our freedom in the past year. For most here, they were in the nature of annoyances that we were willing to abide given what seemed exigent circumstances at the time. Others in less fortuitous circumstances have suffered life changing and even life ending consequences. This should rightly be seen as proof of the normal incompetence of government and as we go into the next election cycle, we need to remember who the enemies were and to closely question anyone seeking our votes as to what their actual principals are and what evidence they can provide to that end. It is especially important if that person claims to be a Republican.

  10. We live in the Bay Area of California, a very blue area. Fireworks are illegal, and before the Fourth the authorities make a point of telling people not to use them. On the Fourth we get an extensive illegal fireworks display from our neighbors, with rockets going up from at least three locations — many, many rockets.

    It seems appropriate to celebrate the Fourth illegally. Dumping tea in Boston harbor was illegal too, as was revolting against the English crown.

  11. Here in Puget Sound, across from Seattle, where every 4th is celebrated with extensive illegal fireworks, it was absolutely nuts. I have lived here for 30 years, every year is wild, this year was amazing. Outside of the local thunderous detonations , in the brief intervals of quiet as fuses were lit, the roar was to all points of the compass, a continuous sound like the roar of jet aircraft, or ocean waves on the beach. Outstanding.

    “the ill fated North American sector earth invasion was launched on July 6th, after a full day of silence convinced the aliens the earthlings were out of ammo.”

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