The Othering

So I heard today that Bill DeBlasio (since he’s so smart and has done such a great job) is only letting people who can produce some sort of proof of vaccination into certain places like a gym or a bar. Other cities are probably doing the same or will before too long. Outside of instantly making business owners some sort of arbiters/law enforcement officials, having to decide what is proof and what is not, etc., this is just preposterous. What a stick in the eye to a person who actually has a religious belief that they shouldn’t get vaccinated. Or someone with a medical condition where this type of thing isn’t the best idea. Or someone who just says “hey, I don’t want it”.

I’m thinking that this is the point where actual guns may begin to come out and we will see things get a little “physical”. I’m hoping not but I can’t see any way around this. I’m vaccinated but won’t be patronizing any business that voluntarily does this.

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  1. So we see German (Seig Deutschland!) police beating up old ladies and pushing around little kids who dislike the CovidScam. How does the abject coward who does that look at his own face in the mirror while shaving and not throw up?

    Yet we have seen in the US in Phase One of the CovidScam that there are many people here who would gladly sign up for the German police — all kinds of Karens and their male equivalents who clearly enjoy berating their fellow citizens.

    This is probably the most effective Divide & Conquer strategy that the Political Class has invented so far. Instead of all of us getting together and tossing out these Chinese-sponsored politicians, bureaucrats, academics, and mediascum, we are going to end up turning on each other. Sad!

  2. It’s all BS posturing. No business is actually going to do this (well, actually some will, but only the sort of businesses that cater to wealthy white people, who want to keep the riff-raff out, because they are super racist/classist scum). The whole idea is to pressure more people to get poked, and it’ll have some effect as far as that goes.

    I wish I didn’t have school age kids. They’re going to mandate the jab for them the day after the FDA gives their rubber-stamp approval. At least in “blue” states.

    “Or someone who just says “hey, I don’t want it”.” The way America used to be. Like 30 years ago. I don’t recognize the country, and I’m not even that old.

  3. Unfortunately this is the last (and worst) way politicians have to keep them selves relevant in COVID. In a more libertarian world, one would say to people who decline to be vaccinated, it’s your risk and the state can do no more for you than to encourage you to get vaccinated.

    That said, vaccination is one of mankinds great triumphs. Jenner and others fought to have people accept early smallpox variolation. I’m one of the last generation to get a smallpox shot that ended this horrible disease. Keep going with rabies (Pasteur), polio (Salk), measles, diptheria and more. I’ve had pretty much every vaccination made except prophylactic rabies and anthrax and pretty glad they were there. My dogs are protected from really really nasty diseases and I’m happy for that. So if you are going to go all “precious bodily fluids” on this, keep in mind the millions who benefitted from vaccines (gee mostly dead white guys who invented them).

  4. “So if you are going to go all “precious bodily fluids” on this, keep in mind the millions who benefitted from vaccines”
    Who/what are you talking about on this or any other thread on this site ever who has said or implied anything against vaccines in general?

  5. Dirtyjobsguy — Don’t fall for the Enemy’s trap of conflating people who have reservations about the “Emergency Use” (explicitly not FDA approved) experimental gene therapy for the relatively low risk Covid virus with those genuine vaccines which truly have made our world a safer place.

    I have willingly been vaccinated against all kinds of diseases. Those genuine vaccinations keep me safe, even in the company of people who are carrying the disease. What is it about this experimental gene therapy that means people who have been jabbed think they are still at risk from those who have chosen to wait and see? Something does not make sense.

  6. I identify as vaccinated, that is my truth. You are *REQUIRED* to accept this.

    It’s Science!

  7. I’ve had all kinds of approved vaccines, starting with those preventing whooping cough, and polio and diptheria, which were all proven killers and cripplers of children up until mid-last century. I also had the smallpox vaccine. I had regular boosters against rabies and an assortment of other potentially dangerous cruds while in the military – but I stick at getting the covid shots.
    I’ve calculated my odds, and my own state of good health, and I’m just not going to do it. If there were a charnel-house of death in the homeless shelters and encampments, if the American authorities were digging trenches for mass graves, and if everyone – everyone! in the US knew personally, one, two, or more friends or kin who had been deathly sick, or who had died … that would make me recalculate the relative risks.
    But it’s not the case, currently. It’s a seasonal flu, about as dangerous as any other seasonal flu. The Establishment media are running around with their hair-on-fire panic, and certain politicians who are getting off on wielding life-or-death authority are having too much fun throwing their weight around.

  8. I’m thinking that this is the point where actual guns may begin to come out and we will see things get a little “physical”.

    Which is a goal of the current regime. The closer that they can bring us to martial law by the next fraudulent election, the easier it will be to steal.

    Subotai Bahadur

  9. Brian: maybe not in your neck of NY woods, but in Brooklyn small business owners are identifying with Karens. I’ve had several supermarket employees chasing after me with cries of “you forgot to put on a mask!!!” . Naturally, I do not patronize their establishments after that, but the pool is getting very shallow.

    Yesterday I scanned job ads on Indeed. Approximately half of new positions advertise “proof of vaccination” as one of qualifications.
    And not only in NYC. I heard from an architect friend in Texas his company requires all employees to be vaccinated as condition of employment.

  10. Yeah, I think we’re in for a few years of literally living in two different countries–deep blue areas like Brooklyn (I won’t even say NYC because I assume other areas of the city aren’t at all like that?), Ithaca, DC (again, certain areas, not others) will look like something from some science fiction dystopia, while everywhere else will be entirely “normal”. Whatever that means anymore.
    I don’t think my job is going to require the jab, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do at some point. There’s really no reason they should, because we’re 100% remote and will be permanently, it seems like. I wouldn’t miss it at all, but of course I have to pay the bills. No idea what I’d end up doing if given that ultimatum.

  11. You must admit this opens an opportunity for the fake Vax cards that are now appearing. Private enterprise. Who is to prove they are fake if well done?

  12. This is great! Beijing Biden* is creating a whole new industry. What happens when all the Karens demand that everyone has “proof of vaccination”? Then everyone will have “proof of vaccination”. We might have to go to a rough part of town to get the documentation, and we will definitely have to pay cash.

    On second thoughts, forged papers is probably just another market that China will dominate. Free trade — yeah!

  13. So America is still considered a high-trust culture, though, no? I don’t think the average professional American is going to use fake papers. If we are shifting to a low-trust culture like that then it’s another screaming siren that really, really bad times are ahead.

  14. It’s scary as hell to me how quickly the PTB have been able to make so many Americans see other Americans as literal carriers of death, an embodied menace.

    I’ve been telling friends for along time that we lived through a Golden Age–or so we will realize eventually.

    (Seig Deutschland. No such phrase. “Sieg” is victor, victorious, etc.)

    Cousin Eddie

  15. Brian: “So America is still considered a high-trust culture, though, no?”

    Lots of Americans do not trust that the last election was honest — or the next one will be. Lots of Americans remember what Fauci said yesterday and thus do not trust what he says today. Lots of Americans don’t trust Resident Biden* to guard the borders — for obvious reasons. Who, apart from Karens, trusts any politician?

    That former circle of high trust has been getting smaller & smaller for years now. As to the consequences, we shall all see in due course.

  16. There was a legislator last year who sabotaged a “gender-rights” bill by repeatedly filing amendments to add more and more “pronouns” to the proposed requirements.

    I suggest similarly that a legislator who is AGAINST such required paperwork apply a little judo/reverse-psychology. Introduce, or amend, rules that restrict voting to the vaccinated. No proof of vaccination, no right to vote. Rhetorically: “Why should those who have rejected the social compact and who endanger their fellow-citizens and who reject public policy have any say in SHAPING that policy?” Now, given that the young and POC are over-represented among the unvaccinated, such a rule would severely repress turnout. Similar given that in smart jurisdictions (like Florida) the elderly were prioritized for vaccination, and that older voters skew Republican, such a “voter-ID” requirement would disproportionately disadvantage Democrats. Of course the proposal is unfair. But doesn’t ANY form of national ID requirement have similar consequences, many much less foreseeable?

  17. What good is voter ID system when voting machines are compromised right after the voting ended? When results are tailored to a client’ request?
    And what good is to have a 3-part division of powers when Courts exercise political double standard – and simply do not accept and not open the cases of election fraud?

  18. “I know a guy” who has offered blank covid cards, but again, I have a high-trust, freedom-centered mindset and I guess I haven’t quite come to grips yet with the reality that I could easily be asked for “papers, please” here in America.

    I wonder when the US push for boosters is going to come. They’re already starting them in Israel and the UK, I believe, and both pfizer and moderna have said they’re needed. Just like the crazy people said they would be, six months ago. My guess is the authorities don’t want to move on that while they are still trying to convince people to get their first shots…

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