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The descent into senility on the part of the so-called President Joe Biden seems to be accelerating, or so I presume from frequent scans of that news media which has not gone completely bonkers. Honestly, about the only regular mainstream establishment news outlet I check frequently is the British Daily Mail – in spite of all it’s many sins, including apparently allowing semi-literate teenage interns to write the headlines and photo captions, an unseemly devotion to the regular goings on of flashy semi-celebs like the Kardashians and Megan “Royal-Wrecker” Markle, and having the execrable Piers Morgan on staff – they do cover US-based political stories without any particular fear or favor. In other words,

the Daily Mail treads regularly and fearlessly where our own very partisan establishment media fear to set the tiniest foot, lest it discommode our very arrogant ruling class, especially those in the 202 Area Code, and in adjacent upscale areas. (Frankly, the arrogant ruling class may well be served by a bit of discomfort. Hey, can I get investigated and arrested for saying that, even if I was never within two thousand miles of DC on January 6th, not to be allowed bail and locked up under harsh conditions in a high-security max for six months? Inquiring minds want to know…)

Anyway, the so-called President, or as we like to call him around here, the child-fondling FICUS (fraud in chief of the US) appears to be about another month away from the prospect of being put into a planter in the corner and watered twice a week by his staff. Who all have a nice, well-paying sinecure, as long as the appearance of his Fraudulency can be convincingly maintained – but every time they wheel him out for a public appearance, the pretense of his normality grows every thinner and more transparent, as much as the tame and lickspittle Establishment Media might frantically pretend otherwise. Of course, Dr. Jill probably adores the perks of living in the White House family quarters and being treated by a lick-spittle fashion media as a veritable goddess. Having gained that prize, it won’t be pried out of her grasp. I am betting that the behind-the-scenes-battle between Dr. Jill and her allies on the FICUS’ staff and those who are backing surrender to the inevitable succession of the hugely unpopular and inept Kamala Harris are epic.

Your over-and-under bet? How much longer can this farce go on? Place your bets, gentlemen and ladies. And give your reasoning, as long as it is amusing.

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  1. The Kremlinology one has to resort to to try to figure out what’s going on in DC is not for the faint of heart. You’ve hit on the main battle–Jill and the Biden loyalists are a small group, and Kamala by all accounts was put in place by Team Obama, who have most of the power in the Democrat Party but had no decent candidate of their own to put forward. I’m pretty confident that that group is behind the takedown on Andy in NY, to try to shiv a major potential rival for the throne.
    Obviously Chernenko Joe could keel over any day. My guess is that Jill and their group would keep him on life support if they had to, so as not to give up power. It’s not like the media wouldn’t be happy to cover it up. I suspect that they will make sure he makes it past the 2022 election if at all possible, because the crushing defeat that they’re going to get would be even worse with Willie Brown’s ex as their party standard bearer…

  2. Is “amusing” non-negotiable?

    Biden’s looking more and more like the love child of a cigar-store indian and Eagle Sam.

    His b.d is in November. They’ll prop him till they drop him, sometime in the flu season.

    Cousin Eddie

  3. I predicted that Biden would be removed/resign/committed by the end of Summer. I think I will probably revise that and give it until the end of the year. He’s still somewhat able to deliver a prepared speech and that’s about all the media really need.

  4. I’m betting on sometime in 2023, if then. Harris is a disaster, and will look worse if she is leading when the Dems get shellacked in 2022, as they should if elections are still reasonably fair. I won’t be surprised if Biden is still on the ticket in 2024, if he hasn’t assumed room temperature by then

  5. Resident Biden* will conveniently keel over at the time which maximizes the sympathy vote from his 80+ Million enthusiastic supporters — likely just before early voting starts for the November 2022 Congressional elections. (I forget — will that be August or July?).

    The outpouring of grief from the MediaScum will be Shock & Awe. His funeral will be delayed until late October, and may involve dragging his coffin to every State Capitol in the Nation. Meanwhile, Madame Pelosi will launch a Commission to investigate whether the Bad Orange Man was responsible for the death of the finest President with which the US has ever been blessed.

    When the votes are “counted”, the New York Slime will report that emotional voters (100 MIllion of them!) returned Democrats to every seat in the House & Senate, with the possible exception of Lisa Murkowski.

  6. If it’s at all possible, they’ll try to prop him up until Jan 21, 2023, at which point Kamala will be eligible to run for 2 additional terms.

  7. As others have noted, Joe was the Obama insurance policy against removal from office, likewise, Camel Hair serves the same purpose today. They are all toxic at this point and things will flip at a moments notice. Betting on all the options is a losing proposition.

  8. Well, it just so happens that read this morning a blogpost in Russian LJ offering for discussion a conspiracy theory: that there is a connection between commie crude (no need to honor it with capital letters….) and CJD, which connection is expounded in at least one scientific paper, here.
    According to Wiki, if the diagnosis applies, 85% of the afflicted expire within a year, and a median is 4 months.

  9. Gavin: you omitted the erection of Mausoleum on DC Mall, possibly demolishing some other historic monuments on anti-racist, anti-colonialism grounds to make sufficient space. The funding for the item will come from adoring masses all over the country (and possibly the world), the best materials from red granite to rock crystal will be used, and 9-months-in-advance waiting list for visitors will be comprised of school children and students to bussed in after extensive security checks. On the Grand Opening day there will be a huge march to the capitol, culminating in khodynka and the killed devoted will be praised in centuries as heroes.

  10. If the Biden camp is more powerful, the Jill Biden – Kamala Harris grudge match will be resolved by a “gentlemen’s agreement”. Kamala becomes President and Jill Vice-President. I speculate that Hillary throws her support behind Jill, and the potential for Arkancide in DC would skyrocket. Maybe Hillary becomes VP once Kamala has an unfortunate accident or commits suicide…

    If the Harris-Obama camp wins, Michelle Obama becomes the Veep, and B.O. runs the country by remote control.

  11. Biden – Harris – Pelosi: have we ever had a feebler chain of command? I wonder what the actuarial chances of Biden and Pelosi living for the next 3 1/2 years? Certainly if they were on the Supreme Court Democrats would be asking them to resign. I just don’t see how anyone is served by Harris – she couldn’t get parched illegal immigrants who have trekked across sand in 100F heat to take the water she’s giving away.. It would seem that the Obama/Michelle/Jarrett group has a plan – but I can’t imagine it took into account Amerca’s spirit, which does seem still unsubdued, unbroken. Maybe I’m optimistic – or delusional. This isn’t very entertaining, and Sgt. Mom is quite right – it is all ripe with black comedy, I’m just not creative (or distanced enough). My God, we’ve got to live with the solution – let us hope for a sense of humor better than mine to get us through it.

  12. It’s as if the Democrats after spending four years trying to paint Trump as an insane, moronic buffoon said; “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

  13. Well, he has already lasted longer than I expected. With the benefit of hindsight, though, I shouldn’t be surprised. Why should it be harder to cover for Biden when he is “president” than it was when he was “campaigning”?

    It doesn’t really matter though. Nobody thinks Biden is in really charge, nobody thinks Harris ever will be either.

  14. If I may impose some thoughts that occurred to me while doing something else just now.

    1) Like the end of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Principate, we retain the empty forms of what was previously regarded as traditional liberties, but the facts of how we are actually being ruled belie the Constitutional past.

    2) With the theft of the election, the legitimacy of electoral politics are going to be forever suspect, if not dead.

    3) Those, whoever they are, who select those who rule us are not bound by any rules as to who they select or their nature. And their motivations are not ours, as their conception of our nation is not ours, nor is their perception of who would be appropriate. I offer for your consideration someone whose formal and full name was Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. He ruled Rome from 37-41 AD and is known by a shorter moniker. His motto was Oderint dum Metuant. That might be the pattern for the future.

    I do believe that everybody’s dance cards are filling up.

    Subotai Bahadur

  15. Caligula got a bum rap from history. So he made his horse a Senator! It is not like he made Kamela Harris VP.

    I had similar thoughts to Subotai recently while listening to Prof. Harl’s excellent Great Courses series on “Rome and the Barbarians”. The parallels are uncanny. In Rome around the 130s BC, the Optimates in the Senate (cf. rich Democrat insiders) were buying up all the farmland in Italy (cf Bill Gates) and running it with slaves (cf illegal immigrants). Ordinary Romans were getting the shaft, especially ex-military.

    Populares (wealthy but not Democrat insiders, eg Trump) pushed for land reform to narrow the widening income inequality, led by the Gracchus brothers. When the legislation was put to the vote, the urns used as ballot boxes mysteriously disappeared (cf. any Democrat-run state).

    Tiberius Gracchus was beaten to death by supporters of the Optimates ( cf BLM/Antifa). When his younger brother Gaius took up the same cause, the Optimates had him murdered too — and then pursued a witch-hunt against his supporters (cf. citizens petitioning Congress in the Capitol spending months in solitary confinement).

    This was still about a century before Julius Caesar effectively ended the Roman Republic. Things may move more rapidly in our times.

  16. In reply to Caligula, we all need to remember John Paul II’s biblical exhortation–“Do not be afraid!”

    We’re supposed to cower before Chernenko Joe and Willie Brown’s ho? C’mon man…

  17. It would be nice if we could imagine that the man who “won” the 2020 election was keeping quiet while he absorbed the messages about how deep is the do-do in which, over the years, he and his peers have dropped the US, and was working on how to fix things. It would be nice — but we know it ain’t so.

    This may seem slightly off-topic, but here is an example of the kind of issue with which whoever is manipulating the sock puppet ought to be wrestling — an issue which has been building for a generation, and which would take another generation to put right even if we really put our shoulders to the wheel — and by then it might be too late.


    In 2000, the US produced more than twice as many STEM PhDs as China.

    China overtook the US in the number of STEM PhDs in 2007 and was 47% ahead by 2019.

    By 2025 — Chinese STEM PhD graduates would outnumber their US counterparts more than three to one.”

  18. Number of PhDs is a worthless metric. Most of theirs are worthless trash. Their decent students go abroad, they don’t stay home. We’d be better off making a lot, lot less PhDs…

  19. What Brian said.

    A PhD is a teaching credential and generally has little application in real practice. It’s based entirely on a single, narrow research project that rarely has any practical application. The great majority of engineers are employed to do engineering not research.

  20. Brian/MCS: That must explain why Zimbabwe leads the world — they don’t waste any money on PhDs.

    Sure, most non-STEM PhDs are nearly worthless. And most STEM PhDs are mere raindrops draining into the ocean of human knowledge. Still, a country ought to pay attention when the loss of its manufacturing capacity is now being repeated in the loss of its R&D capacity. In particular, the US ought to pay attention when the lack of STEM PhDs comes from the failure of math & science education in grade school.

    How often have we all heard “Free Traders” assert it does not matter that China makes much of what we in the US need … because the US has all this immensely valuable Intellectual Property which China needs? What are the “Free Traders” going to fall back on when the US also depends on China for IP? That is the direction in which we are heading.

  21. Leading off with a total non-sequitur is not an effective argument tactic.
    The US had far fewer PhDs 50 years ago, when our post-war science/engineering boom happened. If PhDs were a useful metric for r&d growth, we should be in a golden age right now.
    China produces the overwhelming majority of global patent applications, but no one thinks that means they lead the world in innovation either.
    I actually have a PhD. In a STEM field. Grad school production really isn’t anything that society should be prioritizing. Almost all graduate programs should be shut down. And I say that as someone who had a great experience in grad school, worked with Nobel Prize winners, etc. They should almost all be abolished, at the very least federal funding for them should be slashed massively–Ike’s farewell address was perfectly on point here.

  22. Brian — We are getting further removed from the topic here, for which I apologize to Sgt. Mom. But this is important. Much could be said — but in the interests of brevity, let’s focus on the source of the problem — the majority of students in the US don’t learn enough math & science in high school to pursue advanced education which leads (however circuitously) to technological advance, which in turn leads to improving standards of living.

    And it is not just the US — the problem afflicts the West. Several universities in England have shut down physics departments because of the lack of qualified English students … while others hang on only by filling their classes with qualified Chinese & Indian students.

    We are going to pay a big price for this in the future. But the issue of failing technical/scientific education is hardly even on the political radar here in the West.

  23. Going back to the original topic:
    There are two major factions in the Democrat party fighting for control right now:
    Team A is Clinton, Biden, Cuomo, Pelosi, etc.
    Team B is Obama, Kamala, Tish James, AOC, etc.
    Team A is the old guard, those who know how to play the game and balance some attraction to ethnic working class fiscal issues with just the right amount of corruption and “constituent services” in urban areas (wink, wink).
    Team B is the new generation, believing that racial grievance mongering is the key to a new coalition of “educated” white liberals and racial minorities. They already have all the power behind the scenes, but they mostly can’t be the face of the party, because they are stunningly unpopular–they’re idiots and their ideas stink. But they really are feeling their oats now. When they think it’s in their best interest to shove Joe aside, they’ll do so gleefully.

  24. How often have we all heard “Free Traders” assert it does not matter that China makes much of what we in the US need … because the US has all this immensely valuable Intellectual Property which China needs?

    But wait, it’s worse. I used to argue with “free traders” for fun. They were never able to grasp that with all Federal Reserve Notes the murderous dictatorship ruling China had accumulated the CCP wouldn’t need to pay to use that IP, they could just buy it outright- and we’d be paying to use the IP we originally created.

    Number of PhDs is a worthless metric.

    I disagree. I take it as a useful proxy indicating that China takes STEM education seriously and understands the importance. The same with those patents. I certainly think that if the US was producing twice as many STEM PhDs as China that would be trumpeted as a sign of American STEM success, regardless of their actual utility.

    They already have all the power behind the scenes, but they mostly can’t be the face of the party, because they are stunningly unpopular–they’re idiots and their ideas stink.

    This is the important part, much more so than exactly when Joe Xiden is called home to deep fry in Hell. If you intend to “fundamentally transform” the United States into a communist hellhole to benefit your minority of hate-filled supporters, eventually you’re going to do something that will be noticed by the majority.

    The majority will object, especially if you keep acting as if you intends to enslave us now and kill us later, when convenient.

  25. They should almost all be abolished, at the very least federal funding for them should be slashed massively–Ike’s farewell address was perfectly on point here.

    I think this is where the climate scam originates. Federal funding is political. It is getting more so. I had a brief experience applying for federal grants for medical research. That was about 1995. It has to be worse now. After two such experiences, I went back to teaching medical students, who at least appreciated the effort. Here is one proposal, if anyone is interested. It could have saved Medicare billions.

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