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  1. The second looks familiar. I am thinking one of the Marriott chains. They tend to be good with cats, but typically provide bad coffee. We need a bedroom, when staying with the cat, to keep him from nibbling on my wife’s toes at night, and you have to step up a notch or too to get such. I blame the bad coffee on the hotel parent corporation being run by a religious sect that doesn’t drink coffee. Yet, we stayed at one of their hotels just a week ago (with a McDonalds a block away for the coffee).

    My wife was, at one time, an interior designers. The mid range and higher Marriott and Hilton chains are usually very well designed, from her perspective. But each chain has its own look. The funny thing with her is that she, like many women, navigates by landmarks, and she sometimes gets lost in a hotel, that internally looks just like others in the same chain. She thinks she knows where she is, but we never stayed in this exact hotel before, nor even in this city, and last week when we stayed in an almost exactly identical hotel, we were on the opposite end of a different floor.

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