Youth Wingers?

From a Telegraph story [h/t Instapundit]:

The biggest display of public disaffection with Mr Putin prompted a violent response in Moscow. Pro Kremlin youth wingers brutally beat some protestors, while others were detained, including Eduard Limonov, a prominent Kremlin critic and leader of the outlawed National Bolshevik Party.[emp added]

What the hell are “youth wingers”? How does that even make sense? You have right and left wingers because they represents opposite sides of a spectrum. Does “youth wingers” imply a division between young and old?

More likely they just couldn’t figure out whether to call the bullies “left” or “right”. 

3 thoughts on “Youth Wingers?”

  1. Possibly the journo couldn’t work out who they were. Probably the gang called “Nashi” – Ours. They are the youth wing of whatever party is supporting Putin at any given time. What’s your problem?

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