6 thoughts on “Bleg: How to Read Old Spreadsheet Files?”

  1. @Brian

    I think thats a difference .FCS format. Not the PFS:First Choice format

    If I cannot find a LibreOffice etc file converter I just find images of the software install disks and run it under emulation. Did this recently for a whole bunch of 1980’s and 1990’s vintage Mac files. Converted to RTF using a MacOS 7.6 emulator running on a Windows laptop.

    Here are install disks for PFS


    Also some here it seems.


    Lots of Abandon-ware out there.

  2. Here are several versions of First choice:
    I’d try the latest first. They look like they’re a zip file of some sort of archive format that was contained on two disks. 7zip seems to understand both. I’d decompress the image files into a single directory and try running the program First.com, this may work depending on the version of Windows you’re running.

    If not, here is a DOS emulator that seems more aligned with running programs than games:
    Here’s one that mainly concentrates on games but might work:

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