The Raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI raid on Trump’s residence is unprecedented in American history. The pretext for the raid and the refusal to allow Trump’s lawyers to witness what was done is also a gross deviation from normal behavior.

Conservative Treehouse a pretty good theory of the reasons.

The motives of the DOJ and FBI are clear when you have a full comprehension of the background. However, it’s the threats and betrayals against President Trump that most people have a hard time understanding. Why he was blocked is clear, but how Trump was blocked is where you realize the scale of the threat that exists within this corrupt system.

Trump has for years been promising to declassify documents showing how the “Russiagate” conspiracy developed, including the FBI role in it.

By the time we get to September of 2018 the basic outlines of the Trump-Russia targeting operation were clear. However, the Robert Mueller investigation was at its apex, and anyone in/around Donald Trump was under investigation for ancillary issues that had nothing to do with Russia.

It was into this fray of constant false narratives that President Trump first made statements that he would declassify documents related to his targeting. It was after Trump made those statements when the real motives of putting Robert Mueller as a special counsel became clear.

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused from anything to do with the Trump-Russia investigation, it was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who delivered the message to President Trump in September of 2018, shortly before the midterm election, that any action by him to release documents, now under the purview of the Mueller special counsel, would be considered an act of “obstruction” by the DOJ/FBI people charged with investigating him.

What he might have done is to bring some of those documents with him when he left the White House. Of course, that is speculation since the warrant was never disclosed to the Trump lawyers.

In essence the DOJ and FBI, along with white house counsel and a collaborating senate and media, kept President Trump from declassifying and releasing documents by threatening him with impeachment and/or prosecution if he defied their authority. The threats created a useful Sword of Damocles, and blocked Trump from acting to make documents public.

In the months that followed President Trump frequently made public statements and tweets about the frustration of documents not being declassified and released despite his instructions to do so. Many Trump supporters also began expressing frustration.

The external debate and consternation surrounded how the Administrative State has seemingly boxed-in President Trump through the use of the Mueller/Weissman counterintelligence probe, authorized by Rod Rosenstein, where President Trump was the target of the investigation.

A widely held supporter perspective was that President Trump could expose the fraudulent origination of the counterintelligence investigation; of which he is now a target; if he were to declassify a series of documents as requested by congress and allies of his administration. This approach would hopefully remove the sword of Damocles.

I had a suspicion that Trump might have been in contact with the FBI whistleblowers mentioned by Senators Grassley and Johnson. That is also a reasonable theory.

Newsweek has a typical left wing excuse.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago was based largely on information from an FBI confidential human source, one who was able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents, two senior government officials told Newsweek.

This is ludicrous as the FBI with full cooperation by Trump, searched these boxes of records in June. They even required their own padlock to seal the room.

Both senior government officials say the raid was scheduled with no political motive, the FBI solely intent on recovering highly classified documents that were illegally removed from the White House.

I doubt a 10 year old child would believe this rot.

A threshold has been crossed. Many on the left seem to cheer this on as their obsessive hatred of Trump and his voters is unending. I just hope Trump has good personal security. I don’t trust the Secret Service any more than I trust the FBI.

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  1. Yeah, like I said when I posted that yesterday, Sundance is usually correct.
    It makes the most sense, far more than the cover stories.
    The question is if this means they thought Trump was going to distribute the documents somehow in ways that they couldn’t recover. It would be pretty idiotic if there aren’t copies that can’t be seized.
    The Deep State controlled and then murdered Epstein and we all know it, so there is nothing that can be put past them…

  2. Also, I’m thinking today, has Jeff Sessions ever admitted he’s the biggest sucker in American history for letting the vipers in DOJ convince him he just had to recuse himself and let them completely hamstring his boss? What a rube.

  3. The legitimacy of any non-tyrannical government is largely based on faith and belief that those in power in whatever sphere are themselves bound by the core values and rules of that society. Not all societies are identical. Japanese core values and rules differ from say Australian. But to be legitimate, the government has to obey whatever that society’s rules are.

    Up until now, we have been primarily a Western European culture [with all that implies historically], mostly Protestant in one form or another, which settled on some basic precepts to allow a large, growing, and . . . feisty population to get along peacefully.

    Although not complete, we can list some basics:

    Tolerance for others, so long as they do not illegally interfere with our lives.
    The rule of law applying equally to all.
    Those laws made with the consent of the governed by an elected government that is itself bound by the rules.
    Those rules, laws, and everything to be within the bounds of the Constitution of the United States. Said Constitution cannot be changed except by the means laid out within it, no matter what any wanna-be tyrant wants. The purpose of the Constitution is to limit the government and bar it from doing whatever it wants.

    [One reason I personally do not consider the British Commonwealth to really be free is that while they all have wonderful sounding “constitutions”, their version of rights is granted by the sovereign and can and frequently is suspended at the whim of those in power. Yes, I am looking especially at you Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.]

    Look at us now. The ruling party has nothing but contempt for both the Constitution and the American people and ignores or violates both at will. The sogannante opposition party leadership and machinery shares those feelings. We know and have it rubbed in our faces daily that if or which laws apply to someone depends on their ethnicity, their politics, their sexual preferences, and whether that are part of or allied with the Nomenklatura. Consent of the governed is determined by electoral results. And 1/4 to 1/3 of the country believes that the 2020 election was blatantly stolen by fraud. After the events of the last few days, I suspect that fraction may be measurably larger. Further, despite destroying our economy, reducing us to begging for energy from the world when we were the supplier to the world literally up until Biden’s inauguration, and destroying our food supplies and emptying our store shelves; the current regime acts like it has a lock on any putative election in November. Almost like the votes have been counted already and are just waiting for the government to release them.

    Now look at the first sentence of this piece.

    Subotai Bahadur

  4. Trump was co opted by the deep state in about 4 months. He was quite recalcitrant about doing strikes on various place the deep state wanted. I was quite pleased he was going his own way. Then he was made an offer he could not refuse, and they threw 60 odd TLAMs at Syria.

    Being the Stainless Steel rat I am I had a … monitor side view, of the attack, provided by the Russian military. They flew drones and broadcast their output onto the web at the Shayrat air base. Almost everything missed by a wide margin, all to the south of the base. One managed to strike the only civilian occupied place in the area.

    This was very probably GPS spoofing which the Russians are very good at.

  5. Here is an opinion from a guy who doesn’t like Trump.

    Welcome to the Third World
    The FBI really better have something “pulverizing” on Trump, because otherwise we’ve just witnessed one of the dumbest moves in the history of politics

    Andy McCarthy is convinced that the FBI was looking for J6 evidence that linked Trump to the riot. I’d still bet on the CTH theory. That of course does not explain the raid.

  6. “That of course does not explain the raid.”
    I think the theory would be, if they thought the material was in a controlled location but was about to be moved somewhere else where they might not be able to contain it, they would need to go in and seize it to keep it from being disseminated.
    Like I said, if that was possible then Trump is a total moron.

  7. Here’s Sundance’s latest update:
    He doesn’t describe anything that hasn’t been said years ago, but it’s all still never been covered by the media, or anywhere except the internet crazies, so it will all be new to nearly everyone.
    I’ve said before, the most important man in the world these past 5 years has been Mike Rogers. He could come forward and blow the whistle, but he never has, who knows whether out of fear, or due to misplaced loyalty to the system, and a hope it can be reformed.

  8. Part of President Trump’s memorandum concerning the declassification of the Hurricane Crossfire binder, dated January 19, says “I have determined to accept the redactions proposed for continued classification by the FBI in that January 17 submission.

    I hereby declassify the remaining materials in the binder.”

    Suppose the documents at MAL were Crossfire Hurricane documents. They would have to pre-date his acceptance of the redactions insisted by the FBI, so wouldn’t these documents declassified by the President also contain still classified information?

    This creates a dilemma for the President. If copies of these documents are ever released, would he have broken the law?

    We may never know the details of how lawless the Intelligence Branch has become.

  9. We all knew that Trump was smarter than the average bear but this is frigging Einstein level! The Feds were told a tale of a jar of honey in Melania’s undies and a pot of gold in Donald’s safe. And they bought it – hook, line, and sinker. Oh frabulous joyness.

  10. The FBI has acted without honor, and fouled their own nest, too many times. It is time to euthanize the agency, and see to it that no member of it ever works in Law Enforcement ever again.

  11. @ Subotai Bahadur

    Sorry to be off topic, but I’ve been shadow banned with my comments going to pending /spam at DISQUS (@ instapundit). You, too?

  12. The Washington Post now has the lowdown!

    Trump had nuclear weapons at MAL, or something nuclear anyway.

    WASHINGTON – Classified documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the items FBI agents sought in a search of former president Donald Trump’s Florida residence on Monday, according to people familiar with the investigation.

    Experts in classified information said the unusual search underscores deep concern among government officials about the types of information they thought could be located at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and potentially in danger of falling into the wrong hands.

    “Experts” again.

  13. Sounds like Trump probably gets indicted next week. Looks like the Dems want to light the country on fire.

  14. The more I think about it the more I suspect it’s just the Democrat election plan. They figured they’d ride the Jan 6 hearings through the summer, then kick off the fall by harassing Trump, even indicting him. Even if it’s tossed eventually, it still gets them headlines, and they can use it against him in 2024. And as we saw in the Flynn case, they can rely on corrupt DC judges to draw things out as long as they want.
    The Sundance theory is cute, but probably overthinking it. If they really wanted those specific files, they would have wanted to grab them ages ago.
    We’ll never, ever see the affidavit they used with “evidence” for the raid, and we’ll never, ever see what they took. The entire classification scheme the government uses needs to be utterly destroyed. It’s used to mask way too much corruption.

  15. Well they wanted the opportunity to make a big spectacle (thaf covered up the probe in the tax bill) who even knew they had negotiated two montha ago

  16. I think the point is also to make an example of Trump for anyone else who might dare try to come from outside the system. Don’t even think about it, we will destroy you, and never ever ever stop coming after you. Just don’t even consider it for a second.

    (In other news, not sure where to put this, but it’s sort of related perhaps, looks like Shinzo Abe’s faction is being pretty ruthlessly purged from Japanese politics after his assassination.
    “Japan’s weak-on-China PM Kishida appoints Yasukazu Hamada, who was strongly against increasing his country’s defense spending to 2% of the GDP, to replace Shinzo Abe’s younger brother Nobuo Kishi, as the next Defense Minister.”
    I don’t think it’s a particular stretch to suppose that there were larger forces involved rather than just one lone nutter.)

  17. well there is a reverse example of this, I discovered in a james hogan tale, the proteus tale, set in 1975, where germany and japan won, a group of time travelers go back to where the timeline diverged, which was the assasination of prime minister inukai, who was the rival to the control group,

  18. Will no one rid the Deep State of this troublesome Orange Man!!?

    I find it weirdly pathetic to watch the years long struggle of the regime to end the political influence of Donald Trump.

    First, the regime’s media lackeys touted him endlessly, apparently figuring he was the weakest potential rival for Hillary. This may well be the greatest own goal in political history, btw.

    Next, the gee ohh peeeeee made heroic efforts to prevent him from winning the nomination- with all its usual success. The media turned on him, in shocked horror at what they had done. They even arranged an October surprise catching Trump talking about doing something Joe Biden was later credibly accused of actually doing.

    But it didn’t work and Trump became president. What followed was an endless parade of lies, conspiracies, attacks, accusations, and investigations, all aimed at destroying him personally and politically.

    But none of that worked, either. What did work was simply arranging to steal the 2020, via fraud so obvious as to be comical.

    But it wasn’t comical at all, really- and it wasn’t made better when the conspirators patted themselves on the back by boasting how they “fortified” the election to make sure the right people won.

    But that wasn’t good enough, because there’s alway another election scheduled. So far, anyway. Thus, they needed to not only destroy Trump, but also otherize his 150 million supporters.

    Hence, the January 6th operation, where a planned protest of the stolen election was turned into an “insurrection,” even though none of the insurgents remembered to bring any guns and were let into the capital by police.

    Of course there were hearings, because remember Watergate? The hearings were very important in getting rid of an earlier threat to the regime.

    But the J6 hearings were a miserable failure also, despite the opposition not being allowed to have representation other than a pair of deranged neverTrumpers who will soon be out of office.

    Uh-oh. Now what? Nothing they’ve done has worked- and if Trump gets another term he won’t be so easy to roll. Hmmm. What to do, what to do- let’s send heavily armed FBI agents to raid his house, because everyone loves the police, right? And it’s the FBI, so no questions there, either.

    And now I’m in the present. Question- does the raid look to have been a) another in a long line of stupid mistakes, or b) now we’ve got him!!

    I’m going to go with a), even though I admit the story isn’t over yet.

    But it isn’t really about the Orange Man. Donald Trump has been the rough equivalent of a white phosphorus grenade blowing up right in the regime’s pocket- and each attempt to destroy him is like the regime trying to dig out the burning fragments with a butter knife, doing more damage with each cut.

    They may well yet succeed in destroying Trump- but that won’t undo any of the damage done to the country’s political institutions or bring Trump’s supporters back into the pretend opposition party.

    In fact, I’ll make a guess that the last act in this parade of idiocy will be when the regime arranges for Donald Trump’s murder, because they’re just that smart.

    What could go wrong? I mean, everything else they’ve done has worked out so well for them, and exactly as they’ve planned.


  19. They murdered Epstein and made sure to do it in a way that we all know they did it. They’ve murdered plenty of people who outlived their usefulness to them, or who were perceived as threats to them.
    There’s literally nothing they won’t do.
    I still think we win in the end. Because they are complete morons. I don’t know how much pain it is going to take, though. Probably more than anyone can possibly imagine.

  20. its the same stitching on the fastball, mccord, laufman et al, which are signs of wile e coyote strategy, but the humor is lost with how they forced a plea out of General Flynn, they went so far as painting as Sberbank whisteblower, as a Russian femme fatale, this came from a fellow who is suspected of being a double agent, Stefan Halfer, how they drove joseph farah toward a heart attack, other examples of wannabe stasi/securitae, STB behavior,

  21. As far as “The Sundance Theory,” is concerned the warrant requires, “Any government and/or Presidential Records created between January 20, 2017, and January 20, 2021;” That is every piece of paper from Trump’s administration. Every one ! You can’t get more general than that.

    It doesn’t mention Melania’s underwear drawer but I’m sure all the agents, male and female, got a sniff.

  22. the dog that didn’t bite, seems to be any digital devices, from the inventory listed, no computers no jump drives, so there is a backup, maybe project veritas will upload it,

    unless the temperature controls are configured as in the latter iteration of thomas crown affair, the agents movements will be recorded,

  23. If the Deep State was an eighth as competent as they think they are, we wouldn’t know Epstein’s name, let alone that he didn’t kill himself.

  24. That misunderstands the nature of the deepstate they used epstein and then disposed of him at will because reasons
    Mostly he compromised too many people.

  25. This is lawfare taken to its nuclear extreme, trying to destroy Trump, dissuade others, and demoralize all opposition. Fear not. Hold the line. It’s not time for crying or whining. Look at Comey, at Schiff, at Biden, and realize how pitiful they are, and gather strength from that. Vote for the craziest GOPers you can. Vote out the GOPe trash, vote out the Dems, vote like your life depends on it, and in the end we win.

  26. I can’t recall if anyone’s posted here yet that the “judge” in this case was assigned to the Trump lawsuit against Hillary, recused himself, then authorized this raid. The federal judiciary is insanely corrupt. We realize the FBI is filthy, but have to recognize and strategize about what to do about these judges.

  27. Brian: “The federal judiciary is insanely corrupt. We realize the FBI is filthy, but have to recognize and strategize about what to do about these judges.”

    No disagreement there The fantasy answer would be for China, India, Pakistan, Israel, Russia to have a session at the UN and rule that the DC Swamp is now a threat to civilization — and jointly nuke a 50-mile diameter circle around the Swamp. The US military would not respond — too busy checking their pronouns. Sadly, that is not going to happen.

    Let’s hope there is a less destructive solution to the corruption that oozes from every backwater in that swamp. (I for one would miss parts of the Smithsonian). Once the Democrats and their running dogs in the Institutional Republicans have been brought down, how do we fix the problem and stop it happening again?

    One small suggestion — eliminate government pensions. Call me an optimist, but I guess there were at least a few of those FBI crooks at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Mar-a-Lago and many other places who hate themselves for the criminal acts they did. Why did they break their vows? Because — Go along or lose your pension. If there are no government pensions, more FBI agents (and judges) might be able to behave honestly and honorably.

  28. One small suggestion — eliminate government pensions.

    It might be just to eliminate air conditioning in DC would accomplish as much. We won world war II with no air conditioning in DC.

  29. For anyone who still harbors hopes for the despicable Institutional Republicans, here is an item from the Far Left Gruniad of London:

    A handful of Republican governors have criticized the “outrageous rhetoric” of their party colleagues in the US Congress, who have accused federal law enforcement officers of a politicized attack on former president Donald Trump …

    Maryland governor Larry Hogan, a Republican moderate, described attacks by party members as both “absurd” and “dangerous” …

    Hogan’s comments were followed by remarks from Arkansas’s Republican governor Asa Hutchinson, who appeared on CNN on Sunday and partially mirrored his Maryland counterpart. …

    The Republican congresswoman from Wyoming Liz Cheney, a ranking member on the House committee investigating the January 6th attack on the US capitol, has condemned her colleagues’ rhetoric as “sickening”. …”

    Interesting that Leftie Extremists can always find some Institutional Republicans to echo their line. We are not going to vote our way out of this mess.

  30. I can’t get over the left’s consistent sense that we (all, I assume – their followers and their opponents) are going to believe their rhetoric rather than our own eyes For instance, the AG said things that we’d probably agree with if we had been lobotimized and remembered nothing of our experience during the last few years.

    I look forward seeing the security.tapes (how can that be a security threat?) Why did the FBI command turning them off? Surely witnesses to such “raids” can’t all be banned? Don’t they realize we’ve become sufficiently paranoid to suspect the purity of any of their chains of evidence by now (probably, oh, hell, I am not sure “probably”) they didn’t plant evidence and given the breadth of the order, few documents would be beyond their reach. Still the authoritarian attitude to witnesses isn’t exactly reassuring – nor the remarkable limits of their respect for client/lawyer privilege. These people, after all, brag about making sure Trump didn’t win (see was it the Time article?) and brag about their purpose in keeping him from the office in the future. This is inappropriate. The opposition here is not to Trump but to us. I didn’t really want him to run (though I wanted someone as close to his policies as possible but hopefully with more youth), but I’m pretty pissed that some people believe they are anointed to make sure we don’t have the chance to vote for him again. That is not the way our system works – or it shouldn’t be.

    Yes – Monday night i think i was Bongino, kept talking about “third world bullshit.” That sums it up.

  31. “We are not going to vote our way out of this mess.”
    Wait, you’re surprised that the GOPe exists? Mitt Romney has endorsed Liz Cheney, and all but endorsed Evan McMullin, and will endorse some random no-hoper in the 2024 presidential primaries. You know what that makes him? A stone cold loser.
    Populism usually gets coopted and/or crushed. It’s no time to go wobbly now.

  32. Hogan’s comments were followed by remarks from Arkansas’s Republican governor Asa Hutchinson, who appeared on CNN on Sunday and partially mirrored his Maryland counterpart. …

    I’ve seen several items on Hutchinson lately. I never thought of him as a squish but maybe I have not paid enough attention.

  33. “razorback swamp critter” indeed.

    I’ve got a notion that the reason the D’s keep calling the shots is that R politicians’ hearts aren’t in it.

    Consider: to a standard R, government is a necessary evil. While there are plenty of grifters in and around the R’s their goals are generally limited to protecting themselves and cronies from taxes, or getting a juicy contract. The tradition, and the very ideology, tend to weed out the lifelong professional politician.

    OTOH, to a standard D, government is the be all and end all, the very point of human life, fount and guarantor of all that is good. Of course they will develop greater skills and instincts for acquiring and exploiting political power for its own sake than the dimwit R’s.

    Whaddya think?

  34. OTOH, to a standard D, government is the be all and end all, the very point of human life, fount and guarantor of all that is good.

    I agree about both. I spent 20 years working with the California legislature on medical issues. Back before they went insane, we always talked to Democrats. They were usually up to date on issues and, as you said, government is important to them. I met Jesse Unruh and Willie Brown and all were very bright. Republicans were usually dull and interested in secondary things. We used to have an annual retreat with a few politicians. One time we had the guy who ran the Culinary Workers’ Union Health Plan. He knew more about health care than 98% of politicians.

    Sadly, California is no longer sane and the California Medical Association is as bad. When Newsom had his famous dinner at The French Laundry in Napa Valley, several CMA lobbyists were footing the bill. Medical politics, like faculty politics, is vicious because so little is at stake. Mostly it is about sinecures for older doctors who want out of Medicine.

  35. It’s been said in various ways, but monsters will stop at nothing to get and use power.
    If most of that is occurring on the Dem side, should we be surprised that the “Morality Doesn’t Matter” group is where it’s at?
    As for solutions, I don’t think professional politicians is a good long term solutions, as they quickly insulate themselves from living out in the real world. One or two terms, then back to living under their proposals out where the rubber meets the road.
    I don’t want to follow the examples set by the professional politicians seen around the world.
    The same could be said for professional bureaucrats. When the US was getting under way, the self-forming groups created, ran, and disbanding on an ad hoc basis was noted by European observers. The Information Age should make that easier, but we seem to live in a time where two or three people meeting to say hello raises the suspicion of the government.

  36. Whaddya think?

    I think the Ds were the party of slavery in 1860, and they’re the party of slavery now. In 1860 the average D was striving to build their subsistence farm into a plantation via chattel slavery, today they’re striving to acquire enough victim points to turn their disabilities real and imagined into a lifetime sinecure.

    In other words, the “you work, I eat” ideology of the antebellum south is alive and well in today’s America.

    I think one of the many factors conspiring to the end the present regime is that the people who work and live based upon their own earnings are fed up with being forced at gunpoint to pay the living expenses of every sort of parasite, indigent, incompetent, and grifter that the demonrats can find.

    Of course I’m painting with a brush as broad as history, but I will assert that this is roughly true, of course admitting that there are many individual exceptions, then and now.

  37. I saw someone point out the other day that much of the GOP views it as their mission to protect institutions from communists. But they don’t recognize that many of these institutions have in fact been captured by commies already. So defending big business, the FBI, etc., is just what they feel natural doing, even though in practice they’re defending commie scum who are destroying the country.

  38. Brian: “… much of the GOP views it as their mission to protect institutions from communists.”

    That may be true of some of the rank & file, who demonstrate their allegiance to that proposition by selecting the likes of McCain, Romney, etc. For the Institutional Republicans safe inside their electoral walls, I guess their main aim is the same as it is for most of the Democrats — self-enrichment, plus the joy of pushing the little people around.

    Faced with the choice between the Evil Party and the Stupid Party, I shed a tear for the memory of Ross Perot.

  39. About Hutchinson, and Hogan, and Romney, etc, etc- they remind me of the “doughface” northern Whigs, who were quite happy to submit to southern Democrats, effectively furthering the efforts to expand slavery nationwide.

    I find it quaint that both Hutchinson and Hogan went on CNN to berate potential Republican voters.

    Does Hutchinson think he will shame Arkansas voters into voting for an-establishment-candidate-to-be-named-later by his appearance on CNN? Or did his corporate masters demand a minstrel show from him, so they could be assured he’d stay under their thumb? Either way, nope.

    About, Hogan, the only reason he’s governor is because the prior democrat was unable to restrain his avarice, doing such stupid things as taxing the rain.

    These people are nullities and I expect no one outside of their states will care what they have to say, especially when they say it on CNN.

  40. No, I think Hutchinson legitimately thinks the FBI stands firm against commies. In other words, I think he’s a moron, and a dinosaur from a generation back.
    He also apparently does whatever the Walton family tells him. And while Sam was probably a decent chap, the later generations are commies and morons, a la the Disneys, Murdochs, etc. We really need to figure out a way to let corporations die with their creators.

  41. Brian,

    I have no disagreement with anything in your comment nor do I think anything in yours disagrees with mine.

    Especially the part about Hutchinson being a moron.

    He’s proven that by appearing on CNN, in my opinion, even excluding everything else he’s ever done.

  42. I see two current responses from the GOPe:
    1. Dead silence. Mitch has said absolutely nothing. Most have followed. These scumbags want Trump to go down. They hate the base.
    2. “This is worrisome. We should hold hearings about this.” In other words, these scumbags want Trump to go down. They hate the base.
    Only a tiny fraction have said anything meaningful. The Democrats go to Defcon-1 to defend their side, no matter what.
    Now, this is not to say that we just give up. We need to, metaphorically of course, be like William Wallace after he was betrayed, when he went on a campaign of vengeance and destruction against the traitors. Purge them with fire. Metaphorically, of course.
    (Let’s not dwell on what happened to Wallace in the end, of course…)

  43. Brian: “Purge them with fire.

    Let’s not forget — it is their Party, totally controlled by those Institutional Republicans whose only aim in life is to remain where they are, up the greasy pole.

    The US and the American people were in much better condition when Ross Perot ran for President and started the United We Stand Party — and we all know where that went. Americans were still close to the founding ideals when the Taxed Enough Already movement started almost spontaneously — and yet the TEA Party crashed & burned.

    Now we are in much worse straits. Only 1 in 4 US youths is qualified for military service, and most of that contingent have no sense of obligation or belonging to a nation. Yet our Betters are fighting a proxy war with Russia and trying to provoke another war with China, all while our industrial base looks like we have already lost a war.

    We are not going to vote our way out of this mess. The Institutional Republicans are not going to be anyone’s salvation. The Democrats are sawing off the branch they (and we) are sitting on. It is anyone’s guess what will happen, but it is clear that whatever emerges on the other side is going to be very different from what we see today.

  44. the little general (as rush called him foolishly) spoke much truth, the Gulf War was much like the Boer War, an ill considered exercise, not merely about the Saudis but the ungrateful Kuwaitis, within two years at least one of their nationals ajaj would be part of the first world trade center plot, ksm was a baloch but grew up there, and we know what happened next,
    same with NAFTA, althought it took more than 20 years for reality to set in,

  45. “We are not going to vote our way out of this mess.”
    Remember the word of Frederick Douglass:
    “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box.”
    The commies are working hard on taking away all three. Don’t voluntarily surrender any of them.

    Fear not. In the end we win.
    “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”

    “If we are mark’d to die, we are enough
    To do our country loss; and if to live,
    The fewer men, the greater share of honour.”

    Metaphorically, of course.

  46. Brian,

    I think you missed a response- go on CNN and attack the voters for being concerned about something the gope isn’t.

    In any case, the party isn’t quite a monolith. I’d expect some of them to have a deer-in-the-headlights panic like McConnell, some will bleat about hearings, others will get enraged that people object to the Deep State’s criminality and go on CNN, etc.

    There is a terrible power vacuum in the US right now, about what exactly will oppose the demonrat party Deep State. The gop is neither interested nor capable of doing so. I think the public has given up on them, for good and obvious reasons.

    Republican candidates who do manage to generate enthusiasm- like Kari Lake- can count on the gopes to intervene to try and stop them.

    If voting is still going to matter, it will be because candidates like her manage to overcome both the hostility of the gop and the endless fraud by the left.

    And if voting doesn’t- well, regimes fell well before elections were invented.

  47. Faced with the choice between the Evil Party and the Stupid Party, I shed a tear for the memory of Ross Perot.

    I was ready to vote for him when he went “slightly erratic” over his daughter’s wedding that summer. Too bad but if he was that quietly crazy, maybe it was for the best.

  48. Here’s a great example of how pathetic the GOP is:
    “The FBI and Director Wray are not above oversight.
    House Republicans intend to hold Wray accountable for his use of a taxpayer-funded plane on personal travel.”

    Is this a joke? You’re going to “hold Wray accountable” for using an FBI private plane to go on vacation? That’s what you’re focused on? Not on working to send anyone who dared work with Donald Trump to prison?

    Well, I’m sure that will have the Deep State quaking in their boots, Elise. You’re going to have them on the run now…

  49. Mike K: “Too bad but if he [Perot] was that quietly crazy, maybe it was for the best.”

    The media told you (and the rest of us) that Perot was “slightly erratic” over his daughter’s wedding. The media told us worse than that: he was a KKK racist — “you people“. The media (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party Establishment) also told us that every Rethug candidate ever was also a stupid dangerous fool. By the time President Trump came along, that media was ready for him, loaded for bear. And when the media failed the frist time and even 4+ years of insults and innuendos weren’t enough to destroy him, the Democrats stole the election.

    The message is — NEVER EVER trust the media, especially when the media is attacking someone who is not one of their kool kids.

    As for Perot himself, if he had not been taken down by the unholy triumvirate of the media, the Institutional Republicans and the Democrats, we now know he would have been stopped by the Deep State (as happened with President Trump).

    Nothing in the DC Swamp is worth saving. Keep that as a guidestone as we move towards a very uncertain future.

  50. @Gavin – what’s your take on Perot’s drop out/dramatic comeback event?
    I’ve run across a number of people who said that was when he lost their support.

  51. Decades ago political consultant Ed Rollins wrote a book about his career, which included a lot about his time on the Perot campaign.

    It was hilarious. Per Rollins, Perot was completely unsuited to be president. By the end, both Rollins and Carter pollster Pat Caddell were both pulling their hair out because of Perot’s crazy antics and regretful that they’d gotten involved with him at all.

    But this came out years later. At the time, and as a mere spectator, I thought Perot was a nut when he dropped out because of the cia ninjas who threatened his daughter’s wedding. The rest is history.

    Yet now, after watching the endless Deep State attacks on Trump, I’d bet Perot was actually reporting a real threat. At the time, I don’t think many people took him seriously. I didn’t. I bet today would be a different story.

    Anyway, too bad Perot didn’t manage to get actual evidence to present to the public, instead of merely making a crazy sounding accusation.

    It may have made a difference.

  52. It was easy for people to lean back, listen to the media (We trust them, don’t we?), and conclude Perot was slightly unbalanced. And now 80 Million of those people are happy to have helped put a vegetable into the White House. Maybe the potatoe (joke!) is slightly erratic, but that does not matter — he is only a potato, whereas someone like Perot in the White House would have been dangerous.

    The bigger point is that Perot showed it was not possible to start a meaningful Third Party in the US, probably because the Evil/Stupid Twins have emplaced their “laws” to help keep out competition. Our democracy is dysfunctional! Big changes are required

  53. Ed Rollins has given enough indications to prove his judgement can’t be trusted, john weaver, was also involved in that campaign, and well the portrait of dorian grey describes him well
    would perot have opened fire on a compound of eccentrics like david koresh, would he have served as al queda’s proto airforce in bosnia and kosovo, probably not, and there are many other things perot would not have done,
    you have to consider the coal black heart of the regime’s enforcers today, here’s just one example,

  54. he had tangled with some deepstate players like richard armitage who would later surface in the plame matter, (ironically the atty the latter chose to defend him was lewis libby, no good deal goes unpunished) te former was probably intemporate, but he saw him as an obstacle on the pow/mia issue, seeing how kerry and mccain ‘resolved’ the issue, you would be skeptical too, this was the detritus of our longest war, at that time, now the Hindu Kush theatre eclipses it entirely,

  55. As for Perot himself, if he had not been taken down by the unholy triumvirate of the media, the Institutional Republicans and the Democrats, we now know he would have been stopped by the Deep State (as happened with President Trump).

    I’m not so sure. The Deep State was still an infant compared to now. What really empowered and emboldened them was 9/11 and the Patriot Act. The Security State needed that approval to really grow in power. Remember when we complained about the “Chinese Wall” between FBI and CIA ? Well that is long gone. It might as well be one agency.

  56. with the perfect pitch of total corruption, armitage was silent while libby was being railroaded, in this plutarchian duality, plame had bigfooted her way, in inr’s turf, so he wasn’t pleased but not enough to help him out, armitage then on to be the chief of the Sultan’s bazaar as chief lobbyists, both wooley and general flynn were small fry in this instance, also he was on the board of CACI and Dyncorp, the first fenagled their way into Abu Ghraib, the latter was Karzai’s bodyguard, and was involved in dirty dealings in Bosnia, but only Blackwater got the treatment,

    A similar thing happened with Ken Starr and Dan Moldea, the latter was a lead researcher on Mob matter, predominantly related to Hoffa, but he had a very controversial tome, interference that occused major league football of organized crime ties, Moldea retained Starr, who had a spotless reputation then, to defend him against any lawsuits, of course, just a few years later, he pulled a Major Renault on behalf of Larry Flynt! and sandbagged
    Starr, because reasons,

  57. as Hoover shaped the Bureau, Dulles shaped the Company, inside and out of office, his career was a record of mostly failing upwards, he was Switzerland, when Lenin skipped town to the Finland station, years later, he walked the thin line the law along with his brother, in his legal capacity, as Donovan’s lieutenant in Switzerland he did many dodgy things, perhaps some noble ones, and he shaped the outline of the fledgling agency, he was very quick to dispose of little people, whether the Carpathian mountains or the sierra mountains, the false bravado was revealed in Budapest, to the shame of the likes of Wisner, who was a true believer,

  58. I don’t think that link is saying anything different from what Sundance, et al, are saying, that this is the latest step in the coverup of the crimes of the Deep State in spying on Trump and co. before the election.
    Trump can’t possibly be stupid enough that his evidence could have just been all seized like that, could he? It’d be pretty astounding if so…

  59. Even when everyone knows they’re going to be obliterated, Dem leaders always say they’re going to win. Nancy, Chuck, Barry, etc.
    So check out this idiocy from McConnell:
    MCCONNELL in KY asked for his midterm projections: “I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate. Senate races are just different, they’re statewide, candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome.”

    Gee, thanks, Mitch. Hey, Mitch, remember when you suddenly voted against sending out checks right before the Georgia elections? We remember. You wanted to lose, you corrupt piece of trash. Tick tock, turtle, some know what time it is, you need to get out of the way.

  60. Gee, thanks, Mitch. Hey, Mitch, remember when you suddenly voted against sending out checks right before the Georgia elections?

    I think Yertle the Turtle thought he had a deal with the demonrats to steal the election from Trump, then arrange to have the Senate under gop control thanks to the Georgia special elections.


    There’s no fool like an old fool.

    The only thing I’ve seen from him lately is a promise to have no agenda for the upcoming elections and a speech praising Chuck Schumer.

    He should have figured out by now that bootlicking won’t guarantee anything nor can the demonrats be trusted, period.

    Perhaps represent the people who voted for your party…no, that’s crazy talk.

    Worse, populism!! Never!!!

  61. You mispelled knave we know mcconnell and cornyn and rove deepsixed the party in at least 3 contests in 2010 and 2012 each

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