5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day (Inflation Edition)”

  1. Not to be personal, but is that how much a car inspection costs in Florida? Hope its some more complicated inspection.

  2. It’s for a fire alarm inspection that went from ~$270 to $325. Similarly the default Pollo Tropical 1/4 chicken platter was at $5 for years but jumped to $7 this year. We’ve all seen similar.

    And then you hear: “That’s not really inflation, it’s businesses taking advantage of inflation talk to jack up their prices.” But of course that’s how it is when there’s inflation.

  3. Inflation is certainly real, but Penrose thinks that the inflation that supposedly happened from 10−36 seconds after the singularity to some time between 10−33 and 10−32 seconds after the singularity, actually happened before the big bang occurred.

    This is the influence of the previous universe that had completely evaporated, on the subsequent effort, our present home.

    This solves many problems in theory, and creates some more. Ah progress. ;)

  4. I expect the rate to increase as the temperature drops and the cost of fuel oil skyrockets. Diesel increases have not trickled down yet, I think, but will make their presence known likely before the new congress is sworn in.
    Perhaps buyers remorse will come along for the ride.

  5. And my motorcycle insurance policy costs the same too; it just adds a $25 ‘policy fee’, for the privilege of doing biz with the company I guess.

    Similar to jiggle joint price models…you pay to get in and then you pay.

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