4 thoughts on “Velvet Underground: I’m Not A Young Man Anymore (Live, 1967)”

  1. Last night our children asked us about our memories of Holmes Sterling Morrison since we started grad school the same year he did. He didn’t know us – or at least me – but I remember him as a medievalist who worked in the shipping channel in Houston as well. He was a remarkable person of many skills and much discipline.

  2. The various live bootlegs are simply mind-blowing. These guys were so in the pocket it is like they are all one group-mind, a single organism. They were not only ahead of their time, no one has ever really sounded like them before or after. Sterling Morrison said somewhere that the Velvet Underground were ten times better live than on record. I think that is right, and the bootlegs show that even more than the “official” live albums, as good as those are.

  3. “He was a remarkable person of many skills and much discipline.”

    Many skills indeed. And discipline certainly — these live recordings reflect immense amounts of time in rehearsal and playing live.

    He was part of one of the greatest (top five? Top ten, certainly) rock bands of all time.

    Rest in peace, sir.

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