7 thoughts on “Silly Quote of the Day”

  1. Bubba Sanders, owner of Bullseye Supply LLC, in Brandon, Miss., said he has “a number of doctor clients whose financial advisers have told them to invest in ammunition. Beats the hell out of money markets and CDs. You can double your investment in ammunition in a year.”

    Hmm… where have I heard this kind of anecdote before?

  2. Ha – but there is some risk in that type of investment too – the gun control noise is pretty minimal at this point, and there are a handful Dem Senators that would more than likely lose their jobs imo if they voted for some sort of awb 2. No reason to think it still won’t happen, though.

    Then again, if you are a shooter and have a couple of skids of your calibers laying around, it is all good anyway. Sort of like the Sol Vason painting and wine strategy.

  3. Ha – but there is some risk in that type of investment too…

    That’s my point. When you hear that naive investors are getting in on a trend, that trend is probably nearly over. What happens to ammo demand, and prices, when everyone who wanted to buy has bought a lifetime supply?

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