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Commenter “Lifeofthemind”, in response to this post at Belmont Club (discussing the Obama administration’s prospects if public support for its program declines):

For what it is worth, which is what the audience is paying that is exactly nothing, Soros-Axelrod-Obama do know what they are doing. It is unlikely that they will cancel elections or or do anything else spectacular that would only serve to rally the resistance. My expectation is that they do not worry unduly about the sagging poll numbers but they do intend to win the next election. How to square this circle when it is likely that in 18 months we will be experiencing 15-20% in both unemployment and inflation? They intend to do it the Chicago way, they intend to buy it with your money.
The Democrats are going to have over half a trillion dollars in slush fund money ready to pump out for the 2010 election. Acorn and an army of hacks will push to hold onto Congress in 2010 and the census will be cooked to deliver the Congress in 2012. The declining economy will drain resources from the opposition. As a side benefit the carping left will discover a new discipline that Republicans could never threaten them with. Recalcitrant academics and think tanks will be defunded and media jobs will be increasingly under the control of Obama aligned conglomerates. Immigration reform will complete the picture for Obama’s reelection. While much of this will be technically illegal, in the general sense of corruption, it does not mean that they will resort to violence or attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment before 2012.
As I said before people should stop assuming that Obama will make a mistake and do something overtly revolutionary. Expecting or hoping that he does so puts people in a passive or reactive mode. It is like those who still expect his birth certificate or college transcripts to magically appear and then somehow force someone to invalidate the election. Anyone who is thinking that way needs to have Cher slap them in the face and yell “Snap out of it.” Can we win this battle? Yes but it will take hard sustained work.

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  1. We probably would have seen an example of that if the Honduran (ex) President had been allowed to continue with his plans to hold a referendum on term limits. Now that he has failed we have found out how unpopular he is with the people, and probably even with his own party. And yet, ala Chavez, he probably would have pulled off the referendum and then the (re)election (in perpetuity). It’s all a matter of technique.

  2. As a Chicago Boy myself, spent about ten years undergrad and grad in Hyde Park with time off for bad behavior, I am happy to see my comment reposted here.

  3. I have to disagree with Lifeofthemind. People are willing to give Obama a long leash to enact Marxism 3.0 just so long as they have jobs, can take the family to Florida occasionally, and can put dinner on the table in a modest home. If there is 15-20% unemployment and 15-20% inflation in 2 years there will be blood in the streets. Hard core lefty types and their vassals are used to being dependent on the government, people like me (ones with guns) aren’t.
    The “Chicago Way” works because everyone gets something: unions get cushy contracts, suck ups and lackeys get county and city jobs, the gold coasters get that warm feeling of the city doing “progressive” things like naming a city college after Malcolm X and resolutions banning foei grois, the police stay away from the gangs that do work for the alderman, and the blacks and Mexicans seem to have some genetic urge to pull the D lever anyways. Anyone who doesn’t fit into this category either moved to Lake, Will, or Dupage counties long ago. America is a big country though, and while Obama may be able to find fertile ground for the “Chicago Way” in urban pockets, there are vast swaths of real estate that wont buy it

  4. Tatyana, fewer and fewer people commute from the suburbs of Chicago into the city, most suburbanites now work in the suburbs. The “Chicago Way” has spawned relatively independent and prosperous collar counties. Cook county and Chicago have done a remarkable good job at killing their golden goose.

  5. Technologies and societies change. It’s now possible for a political machine to run a country the size of the United States by the same methods as it runs a city machine. Let’s hope the world is large enough.


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