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  • “No, Obama Is Not My Daddy – He’s My Employee”

    Posted by Jonathan on February 19th, 2013 (All posts by )

    The grotesque spectacle of the State of the Union address, with its lengthy receiving line of adoring sycophants, demonstrates why the President is operating under the delusion that he is more than just our President. Like him, many people seem to fundamentally misunderstand his role. He’s not our “leader,” or our “ruler,” or our national “daddy,” no matter what his adoring fan, comic Chris Rock, thinks.
    Let’s clarify things for those folks with the unseemly desire to offer up their personal sovereignty to some government hack. Unlike Hollywood geniuses better known for exposing their breasts than exposing their brains, I’ll never pledge to be a servant of any politician.
    I’m an American citizen. As such, no mortal man may presume to lead or rule me.

    Read the whole thing.


    10 Responses to ““No, Obama Is Not My Daddy – He’s My Employee””

    1. Michael Kennedy Says:

      I’d like to see some evidence of voter intelligence before I am willing to agree that the US is too sophisticated for a demagogue like Obama. I don’t think he is all that good at demagoguery. After all what demagogue needs a TelePrompter ? He is assisted by the campaign team which seems to be very good at getting out the vote of the low information folks.

      What we see here is old fashioned fascism modified to use 21st century rhetoric. We don’t hear about the “fatherland”or the “new Roman empire” but racism and women’s rights seem to be adequate to turn out the dupes who follow unthinking and are the cannon fodder of fascism.

      The anger and nasty tone of left wing rhetoric suggests that no argument is to be tolerated. Ironically, the Jews and Israel still seem to fill the role assigned in the 1930s. I saw a thread on the Financial Times site with comments that echo the old anti-Semetic assumptions when financial manipulation is alleged.

    2. VSSC Says:

      Well they do so presume. Not without reason.

      The author needs to shed romancticism and take a hard analytical look at our governance under the New Deal Constitution. By Constitution I mean descriptively as it exists, not prescriptively as the legacy document of 1789.

      We still have most of our Liberties, but democracy does not govern.

      That was and is the New Deal. We have a paternalistic administrative State with powerful collectivist tools. As it has fallen into the hands of the corrupt and unworthy they administer and collect for their own benefit.

    3. grey eagle Says:

      This is my favorite scene in the movies. The Emperor Caligula was very ill. On the third day he recovered and realized he had become a God. Here is the announcement and the reaction of the Senate.

      (episode 8 of PBS series “I, Claudius”. Go to 24.35 minute mark —
      Captain of secret service announces that Caligula has had a metamorphosis and is a God.

      It is very easy to see this scene replayed in real life in the White House.
      Caligula and Obama are so very much the same.

      The guy with the stutter is Claudius who in the line of succession.

      Thoughtfully, Obama has retained his mortal image.

    4. PenGun Says:

      How is this much different than Bush’s State of the Union extravaganzas? I guess it matters who is giving the speech more than anything he might say.

    5. Mike K Says:

      PenGun, why don’t you quote those parts of Bush’e SOTU speeches that you object to ? I know you must have them committed to memory. Or you could even link to the objectionable parts.

      Or are you just trolling ?

    6. PenGun Says:

      “The grotesque spectacle of the State of the Union address, with its lengthy receiving line of adoring sycophants”

      Was really what I was referring to. These seem to me to be about the same. It’s true I am not commenting on content of speeches but that is another thing.

    7. Lexington Green Says:

      The whole SOTU thing is awful, without regard to party or president.

      It is just more obvious when the president is on “the other side.”

      It won’t change, though.

      The president likes to look presidential, meaning monarchical, no matter who the president happens to be.

    8. Mike K Says:

      I liked it better when the president sent the message up to be read by the clerk. Roosevelt, of course, began the speechifying exercise.

    9. Jonathan Says:

      How is this much different than Bush’s State of the Union extravaganzas?

      There was never a fascistic cult of personality about Bush as there is about Obama.

    10. Gringo Says:

      There was never a fascistic cult of personality about Bush as there is about Obama.

      But there was a cult who persisted in referring to Dubya as Bush Hitler. Interesting name for Dubya, considering whom he selected for Secretaries of State.

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