8 thoughts on “Contra Health Care Bill, letter by Jim Babka”

  1. Yeah, the part about the Health Choices Commissioner is the part that sticks out most to me, even more than the mandates, somehow. That can’t be good; it’s a politicized position dictating to states what they can or can’t do. Am I wrong? Who knows? Who can parse that 1,990-page behemoth?

  2. OPS: we need to send the link to this letter to the guy @Fine Artistry, the art blog you recommended and I which included in my roll.

    A quote from his last post:

    “Any of you Republicans out there want to tell me again why you’re conducting this embarrassingly shameful fight to prevent health care reform in the U.S.?”

  3. Well, I appreciate the sentiments, but it’s not likely to be very effective with a congressman. It would be better to say “This bill is so much worse than the status quo it is turning me into a single-issue voter. If you vote to pass this bill or to bring to to the floor, I will vote against you in the coming general election, and I will vote against you in the coming primary” (adding, if appropriate) “even if I have to change my party registration to do so. I will give money to your opponents in both the primary and the general election. I will encourage all my friends, relatives, colleagues, co-workers, and any random strangers with whom I converse to do the same. I will put your opponents’ signs on my lawn and on my cars. Once you have voted nothing will make me change my mind. However, if you vote against the bill I will take all the same actions in your favor.”

    Churchill did not say “Adolf, I will hate you forever.” He gave a very specific laundry lift of when, where, and how he would fight him.

    The more specific and knowledgeable you come across the more seriously he will take the letter.

  4. “In fact you can keep your health plan if you so choose. But why bother when this one will be better and cheaper?”

    Yes, even Obama said you can keep it. BUT, the proposed bill includes a bunch of caveats, for example, existing providers/insurers will be PROHIBITED from adding new members after a certain date. You do understand how just that one single provision will affect the insurer/provider, don’t you?

    Secondly, please give at least one example of how this plan will be better than an existing plan?

  5. Jim Bennett is right about how to and how not to influence legislators. However, I think Babka’s letter has a different, and more important purpose: the education of every reader.

    Babka gives reasons for objecting to the Health Care bill and to any similar massive, market sector destroying legislation. There are many people who have never considered why such legislation is a bad thing. Babka’s letter will help them understand.

    The Declaration of Independence was not intended to change the mind of King George. But it’s good that it was written anyway.

  6. With any luck, the events yesterday in VA (home) and NJ will cause the “blue dogs” to kick this dog down the road. The mood in our Republic is such that anything on health care or cap and tax will be greeted next year by hostility at the polls. Anti-incmubant sentiment is viral in my area (the DC suburbs). Northern VA had become a dependable “blue” area for a number of years, but yesterday McDonnell carried the area in double-digits. There’s a mood around here of “throw all the bums out” and that does not appear to be dissapating.

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