Dr. Peter McCullough on the Response to Covid

The best thing I’ve encountered on the medical and governmental responses to Covid: An interview by John Leake with Dr. Peter McCullough.

Interview: https://vimeo.com/553060860 — leaves no doubt about what was known and when.

Dr. McCullough’s background: https://www.cardiometabolichealth.org/peter-mccullough.html

Interviewer, John Leake: https://www.coldalongtime.com/pages/about-us

McCullough is good on integrative medicine, as well as conventional.

A response by the interviewer to a question about motives for hiding effective treatments from the public:

“Dr. McCullough was careful to avoid speculation about motive. He encouraged investigative authors like me to try to figure out why extraordinary occurrences like the fake Lancet report occurred. What he has witnessed has led him to believe that there has been a coordinated effort to suppress early outpatient therapies like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, even though they have long been FDA approved for treating other conditions. In an effort to ascertain motive, it is useful to consider the record of Pfizer, which pled guilty to US criminal charges and 2009 and has a long rap sheet of civil judgements against it for harmfully misrepresenting its products. The company booked $3.5 billion in revenue from its Emergency Authorization Use vaccine in the first quarter of this year. Following standard investigative practice, a logical inference can be drawn from these facts — namely, that inexpensive outpatient therapies were suppressed in order to pave the way for mandatory mass vaccination. To prove that this was indeed the case will require further investigation.”

What is to be done? a quiet, fast, revolution

Imagine a wheel. At the top, collectives — at the bottom, individuals.
That wheel must be made to revolve. Why? For all who value exploration, curiosity, imagination, wonder, venture, challenge, integrity. There are many of us. We will turn the wheel. Here’s how: We will tell stories of a new world, listen for adventures, share them, invest in the best of them, and from each we will draw power to turn the wheel. We will weave patterns of thought and action inspiring networks that change expectations. We will design for emergence, limit control, manifest strengths, live in freeorder. This is what is to be done.

Freedom Glow, as introduced by its creator and editor, B. F. Johnson

glyph 559: B. F. Johnson, editor . reports on contributions to the emergence of liberty . stories of insight, courage, and action . a growing collection of evidence that a network is forming that can make a free world

Freedom Glow, as introduced by its creator and editor, B. F. Johnson, December 2015 — a venture traced in patterns of light (sparks from this forge will travel)

Freedom is a state of mind. Freedom’s tools are knowledge translated into action so others might know and act. Each time such an action occurs a packet of light complete with the unique frequency of an individual is emitted and each time an individual picks up a freedom tool and works it in their own life a unique packet of light with a unique wavelength is emitted. This then is Freedom Glow. We see twinkling of Freedom Glow in New Delhi and New York, in Amsterdam and Tajikistan, in Tehran and Jerusalem, in Accra and Mogadishu, in Denver and Austin around the globe and into space. Freedom Glow can be seen in art, and economics, and politics, and philosopher’s musings, and medicine, and science—anywhere we care to look. Freedom Glow are the stories of one person at a time lighting a darkened world for all to see.


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Tom Palmer’s “Update From the Field on Defending Liberty,” reported by B. F. Johnson, in Freedom Glow

This is a good article – a contribution to realistic optimism about the future of liberty. It’s also an introduction to Barbara Johnson’s new venture: Freedom Glow. She attended Palmer’s Atlas Network event, and took along her 14 year old son, Jaycee, who made an impression. This is her report:


With ten million or more doing the kind of work Tom Palmer is doing we have a chance to make liberty the common inheritance of everyone. It may take a thousand years to accomplish it, so it’s good to hear the work is underway. As Patrick O’Brian’s Jack Aubrey was fond of saying, “There’s not a moment to lose.”

Free Webinar – A Better Model For Political Discussions, Presentation by Pat Wagner

Tuesday, January 5, 2016, Noon–1 pm, Denver time

We have all observed that political discussions tend to bring out the worst in everyone, including ourselves, but is there a way to approach these conversations that will contribute to friendship rather than build enmity? Pat will explore this idea in her free webinar on Tuesday, January 5th, noon to 1 pm Denver time. It will be recorded and archived (also available free). Please join us for an hour of constructive and practical good will. And please forward this invitation to anyone you think may be interested. Thanks!

Pat writes, “Recent political campaigns destroyed lasting friendships, frayed family ties, and alienated neighbors and co-workers. Social media became a battleground of nasty diatribes, insults, and slurs. Is there a better way to talk about ideological differences? The Discovery Model is about listening and sharing with no intention to convince or win a debate. The point? To learn and grow while strengthening workplace, personal, and online relationships.”

Full description & registration info:

Leif Smith, leifsmith@gmail.com
PO Box 9100, Denver, CO 80209-0100
303-778-0880 (main), 303-744-1855 (direct)