4 thoughts on “Real fans don’t wait for the translation”

  1. She is now I believe the richest author in history. Wrote the first Harry Potter book while on welfare. Maybe tax IP created on the dole at a higher rate?

  2. Because the taxpayers kind of subsidized the creation of this franchise?

    Of course such a clause in tax-law would be a kind of disincentive for unemployed people to create new intellectual property. A little meddling by the state is enough to be a big turn-off.

    Cases like Rowling’s are also pretty rare, so such a clause would be pretty narrowly tailored just for her, something that should be avoided when formulating laws (what if the lefties use precedents for such narrowness to harass specific rich people?)

    And of course she has already paid far more taxes on her revenues than she ever received in assistance.

    (I suppose your suggestion was meant whimsically, but being German I took it entirely seriously anyway :)

  3. The number one book in France as well. Incredible. “Maman, c’est quoi “custard”?”


  4. Yes, it was total whimsy and not serious.

    Oh that the public bought books of any depth in such numbers, and not only distracting cotton candy!

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