Smite them hip and thigh

Evilusion is developing a biblically themed role playing game:

“The main concept behind Eon of Tears is that the player will get a shot at the biggest events in the Bible: unleashing the ten plagues of Egypt, seeing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha, leading the conquest of Canaan, or performing some of the miracles as Jesus-Christ.

The game offers the chance to explore the events of the Bible and rewrite it to a certain extent. Your in-game journal consists of the Bible writing itself; if you do exactly what Moses did, you’ll end up with the very same Bible we know today. Chances are, however, that you will do a few things differently. All in all the choices the player makes steer him on one of the three paths: following the law of God, helping Satan destroy Him, or doing your own business to save your skin.

These choices will have a big impact on your quest. For example, a player that acts evil most of the time won’t get to play Jesus, but Judas instead, or a Pharaoh’s troop commander instead of Moses. Sometimes it is the psychology of a character which changes – an evil player will still play as Joshua, but instead of “liberating the land of Canaan from the evil-doers”, he will “exterminate the sinners to the bitter end”.

That sounds actually pretty good to me. If the concept is well executed I`ll be sure to get this game. Link via Slashdot Games.

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