She’s Baaaack!


So much for a Democratic resurgence. Janet Reno is out and about, rallying the Demo base in her customary charming way:

. . .Reno spoke about visiting the Dachau concentration camp in Germany as a child and learning what had happened.

“I went back and asked my adult German friends, ‘How could you let that happen?’ ” Reno said. “They said, ‘We just stood by.’ “

She looked right into the the audience and told them that’s why she was there. She had no intention of just standing by.

“And don’t you just stand by,” Reno said.

Isn’t that cute. Do you think the listeners got the point? I like the way Drudge helpfully put it: “In Speech To Dem Club, Janet Reno Appears To Compare GOP Agenda/Nazi Atrocities…”

Reno earlier gave some practical advice:

“We should be more organized than the Republicans who have traditionally out-organized us,” Reno told the audience of about 60 people.

That’s a good point. Reno is certainly doing her best to organize Republicans.