Brown as Warning

Looking back, I realize I didn’t begin with the positive, and I agree with Kennedy there appears to be plenty of positive: Brown, even under fire, remains honest, with a sense of humor and the apparent self-confidence and humility that comes with such humor, and he also appears, well, hot.

He’s helped though by a pent-up irritation: policies we thought unwise have deteriorated into policies we find foolish, the unseemly has slid into the mire of outright bribery, the short-sighted has so dominated that disaster lurks. On a not unrelated note, attitudes that rankled those of us in fly-over territory have become pervasive and bizarre. They are not the attitudes of those with a sense of humor nor apparent self-confidence, and, especially, without humility. (Arrogance is not self-confidence.)

Even citizens of a state that seemed to give pre-Revolutionary respect to family succession appear annoyed a candidate disses their sports heroes, shrinks from handshaking and winter politicking, and seems appalled by pick-ups. (Whatever Marie Antoinette actually said or actually meant, the inappropriateness of her response defined her – and beheaded her – even when such kingly rights were more widely accepted).

My husband’s uncle, far into retirement and deep into Texas, has proclaimed that he intends for the first time in years to “pull an all-nighter” – to see Brown triumph, he hopes. And, in the tradition of these parts, Ray Stevens disses Obamacare.

3 thoughts on “Brown as Warning”

  1. Scott Brown, aside from the perfect storm going on, is a fantastic candidate. He comeback to David Gergen in the debate was acknowledged by Gergen as a perfect putdown. The truck thing and his image as a working man’s candidate is as good as it gets. He has Doug Flutie and Curt Schilling campaigning with him. I lived in Boston for a while. It is similar to Chicago in its ethnic tone. I think the guy is a Republican superstar. I have not seen as good a Republican retail politician since Reagan.

  2. Turnout was very heavy this morning, more than the usual midterm numbers, let alone special elections. NPR was saying there was a snowstorm, but it was really just flurries, with only about 1″ total expected and next to nothing on the ground so far.

    We are seeing some highly motivated voters on both sides.

  3. I will predict that his daughter, Ayla, will be in Congress ten years from now. He has a terrific family and the whole bunch are very capable. Ayla holds the record for scoring in girls’ high school basketball in Massachusetts. She is a star for the Boston College team. Plus the American Idol thing.

    These folks are stars.

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