Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski is the only person running for the Republican nomination for Governor of Illinois who presents any hope of turning around the dire decline we are facing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Adam recently, and he confirmed the positive impression I got from his website. He is very smart, aware of the gravity of the problems facing Illinois, and has some concrete plans to change the way business is done here.

I was most impressed with his proposals to take on the culture of corruption that has made the once-great State of Illinois a national and even global joke.

Take a look at the issues pages on Adam’s site. Then compare the specifics he offers with, for example, the nonexistent proposals on Jim Ryan’s site, or the comparatively vague proposals of the long-time insider, and purported front-runner, Andy McKenna.

The insiders in both parties are so tightly wound in Illinois that they are referred to as “The Combine.” The GOP serves as nothing more than the junior partners in a combined Machine, and appears to have no principled differences whatsoever from the Democrats.

Adam’s candidacy presents a chance to move toward a genuine two-party political process in Illinois, and to start getting the financial mess under control.

Let me also address the cynical response that he “can’t win.” There is a large field, turnout will probably not be huge, and it won’t take much for one of the GOP candidates to pull ahead. So, vote for the best guy.

Plus, as Lech Walesa — an Adam supporter — put it: “Nobody gave us a chance to win over the communists. Nobody. And we proved them wrong.” The Combine can also be beaten.

Please take a look at Adam’s site if you are an Illinois voter.

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  1. I thought you were doing that thing the young women do, with a question at the end of everything: “Like, Adam is so, you know, awesome?”

  2. No, I just have issues proof-reading and my general enthusiasm about LIFE! often gets the better of me.

    Hey, there are a lot of Polish people in Chicago, obviously. Does this candidate have a good ground game with that crowd? Like people who would turn out to vote in a low turnout election? See, I am channeling my inner 80s teen valley girl, which actually, since I grew up in Iowa I never talked like that.

  3. “… a good ground game with that crowd?”

    I am told the answer is yes.

    And you are exactly right that a high turnout by one community can tip a low turnout election, and that is obviously a big part of the strategy.

  4. His discussion of Illinois financial problems and remedies is excellent. The other candidates appear not to be interested in such details. Maybe he will win.

  5. Adam has my support. I will link at ZP.

    If elected, he probably will not be able to get much done, as Jim Edgar found when he refused to cut corrupt deals with Madigan, Daley and Philips. OTOH, simply doing nothing represents a major moral and fiscal advance over the active and deliberate harm caused by Ryan, Blago and the ass-clowns in Springfield

  6. Well, despite our votes (BTW, the only time I’ve ever voted in a Repub primary), Andrzejewski finished in fifth. On the bright side, he finished (so far) with 110K votes, while the leaders Brady and Dillard are at 155K or so.

    Do those 100K votes for a guy with zero – ZERO – name recognition prior to Lech Walesa’s appearance indicate any sort of nascent strength in online/Tea Party activism in Illinois? Or have people here been so beaten down by cynicism and the Combine that they have given up any hope for a reasonably non-corrupt government?

    Also, any thoughts on Preckwinkle’s taking over as County Board President? Personally, if it’s a choice between the current crooks and another Hyde Park goo-goo leftist, I’m siding with the crooks.

  7. The endorsements came too late, I think. Had they come earlier, I think it might have been different. First time I’ve voted in an Illinois Republican primary, too. Keep pushing! That’s what I say, just keep pushing! :)

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