10 thoughts on “Footwear Update”

  1. “It’d have been even better if you’d had them each on the wrong foot.”

    One of the great family stories is how Mom, Dad, and myself went to Colonial Williamsburg and took one of the guided tours. At the end of the tour, the guide trotted out examples of “Colonial Tech”, and for each antiquated practice he could think of and ask the audience, “Has anyone heard of such a thing?”, Mom’s hand would go up, “Yes, we had that when I was a child back in my native Yugoslavia!” Among them was the ambidexterous (ambi-pod-ious?) shoes, where when you put them away for the night, you switched right and left that they would not take a set.

    This went on for quite the while of Mom’s hand going up, until the guide brought out the jar of leeches. “Has anyone heard of anyone doing this?” with the big “ewww” factor. Sorry to say, my hand went up, “Yeah, I saw one of these ‘medical drama’ TV shows where they explained that leeches have a use in the surgical reattachment of severed limbs — it does something to prevent the blood from pooling and the surgery not working.”

  2. Oh, I’ve seen worse.

    My uncle is a an endearing and sweet but stereotypical geeky scientist. One day he turned up at work with one blue shoe and one brown. Not only were the colours obviously mismatched but so were the shoe styles including heel hieght!

    It was pointed out to him.

    He looked down. Confused, he looked down again and studied his feet closely.

    He looks up still confused “What? What’s the problem?”

    After 10 minutes of convincing and taking off his shoes to study them more closely, his colleagues were able to convince him the shoes were different.

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