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  1. Welcome to the zero-sum game, America.

    Wealth creation will be severely punished or simply regulated practically out of existence.

    From now on, it’s a game of “get yours” as you fight over an ever decreasing pie. If your neighbour has more, that only means you have less. People will become meaner, less generous, more selfish, more materialistic.

    The right to healthcare is worth less than the paper on which it is scribbled, for unlike the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, it is the right to the product of another man’s labour. That’s not exactly slavery, but it’s the same concept of using one man for another man’s purposes.

    Of course, the model doesn’t even work in theory. Theoretically, why should I trade leisure time with my family breaking my back for yours? It’s not even moral for me to forsake my family for yours. Even the Soviets, fully willing to actually enslave the population, couldn’t get people to produce. And if people don’t produce the product that someone else has a fantasy “right” to, then they don’t get it. It’s that simple. There’s no free lunch. So, congratulations all you union members, useful idiots and others who voted in this destructive orc army. You have now traded your liberty, your future and all hope for an empty promise of security.

    “The state is the great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else” – Fredric Bastiat.

  2. As a small business owner I have been having a lot of conversations with myself wondering why I am working so hard, busting my a** trying to make a great future for myself and my family. With this health care bill comes a lot of new taxes, including a surcharge on any investment income, and from what I can tell, capital gains and rents.

    My one and only hope is that there are many challenges to all of this stuff and that the Courts smack it down, and/or the Republicans get a lot of it repealed/changed before it actually goes into effect. Outside of that I see myself as totally screwed for the forseeable future.

  3. I really feel for the small business owner.

    Yesterday, I was in the local shop that is going out of business – the owner is having some problems given the economy (it’s a dress shop and that stuff goes down the list of priorities in tough times), but also, I suspect the owner is just tired of dealing with the powers that be.

    It was sad, it was heartbreaking, I bought some stuff because I wanted to and because I love that shop and because I am so very unhappy that good people are being pushed into a corner. It’s just not right. Everyone was so sad – it’s a life’s work being dismantled :(

    – Madhu

  4. Madhu – we are all being pushed into a corner. A lot of small/family run businesses have employees that are just as good as family to us and they are going to see a lot of their benefits evaporate if things continue the way they are. We just won’t be left with any choice.

  5. “From now on, it’s a game of “get yours” as you fight over an ever decreasing pie.” (methinks)

    methinks, you’re exactly right! We are now entering the identity politic era. This era officially started the day Obama was elected but now its in full effect. The scare resource allocation continuum looks like this:


    For the most part in the United States economics was how resources were allocated. This gave the individual the most power. We are now in the political part of continuum. To maximize power in the political part of the continuum, people have to find groups with similar interests. People who don’t have collectives/groups to politic with will be the easiest to exploit.

    We are all identity politicos now.

  6. The ignorance of Democrats, or perhaps it is simply disinterest, in economics is illustrated by MIchigan governor Granholm’s “Meatout Day.” This is in a state with a large agricultural industry and not much else right now. The residents are not amused. They are planning a “Granholm Out Day” in January 2011.

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