The Creation, Making Time (live) (1966)

More Vintage Mod Era Grooviness.

The guitar player from The Creation was the first guy to use a violin bow on an electric guitar. Jimmy Page copied it from him.

These guys were produced by Shel Talmy, who also produced The Kinks and The Who. Too bad they didn’t make it big, too. Wow: Talmy is still working, which is very cool. I would like to shake that man’s hand. How much unalloyed happiness did he help to create? Plus, he’s from Chicago, so he’s one of the Boyz.

(YouTube is the greatest thing ever. I have been devoted to this kind of music since I was about 15 years old, and I had heard of this group but never heard this song before. And now I can see an actual live performance by these guys, from the Golden Age itself, as if by magic, available on demand, for free … even on my phone? Whoa. We truly live in The Jetsons Age of totally crazy, knock-me-out coolness. I just wanted to register this note of happiness, and step back, and not take all this insane greatness for granted for a minute. Really, if you told people fifteen years ago about what we would have at our fingertips today they’d have said you were on drugs. I would not live in any other time or place for anything.)

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