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  1. …or someone who’s against the Historic Healthcare Bill, says our Republican mayor:

    Bloomberg said. “Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something”

  2. I am but a poor foreigner, but I do remember after the Oklahoma bombing your journalists shouting “Arab terrorists” and my shouting “Don’t be silly” at the TV. After 9/11, I remember your journalists shouting “Don’t jump to conclusions” and my shouting “It was Arabs, you bloody fools”. But even I an astonished at the stupidity of “someone ..[who]..doesn’t like the health care bill”. Arsehole.

  3. Dearieme: and that’s a mayor of NYC. A person with supposed immediate inside-investigation knowledge. And a head of a Bloomberg Empire, to boot.

  4. And here we have ourselves worked into a national frenzy over the sanctity and security of our southern border – our security and soveriegn nation status depend on our clamping down and making sure Juan doesn’t sneak in and take a meat packing job somewhere, while we will probably find that Mr Faisal Shahzad entered the country through Dulles Airport. The unblemished reacord of not a single terrorist entering through Mexico remains intact, although the southern border remains the primary focus of Homeland Security, ou tax dollars and our collective national psyche.

  5. “unblemished reacord of not a single terrorist entering through Mexico remains intact”

    I suppose that if one doesn’t count the Mexican drug cartels whose members make Phoenix the #2 kidnapping capital in the world, this assertion is correct.

  6. Tatyana – Bloomberg adopted GOP colors because he didn’t like his chances in the Democrat primary. As an incumbent, he has abandoned the GOP and now self-identifies as an independent.

    NYC politics is very different than most other places.

  7. Baldilocks … when the facts are absent cite the urban myth

    In fact, the vast majority of the ‘kidnappings’ in Phoenix are illegals being held by the coyotes who brought them in trying to shake down their relatives for more money. The average citizen of Phoenix has about the same chance of being kidnapped for ransom as he or she does being pelted with a snowball.

    There are 92 cities in the United States with higher violent crime rates than Phoenix (according to the FBI) – but then that data doesn’t support the ‘horrors of illegal immigration’ narrative, does it?

  8. “Wait. Do we know for a fact that he isn’t also a Tea Party activist?”

    What I heard is that he had just come back from a Tea Party training camp in Pakistan.

  9. Yeah, business as usual on MSM. I watched NBC eve. news (Brian whatever his name is) and listened to him describe the perp with about a half dozen adjectives, none of which was “Muslim”.

  10. The guy is charged with using a weapon of mass destruction, to wit:
    A propane tank, some fertilizer, a little gasoline, fire crackers and an alarm clock.

    Evidently, as the liberals claim, Sadam never had any of these.

    Don’t worry. Everything is alright. Barry Soetoro has the watch.

    href http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkje4FiH9Qc&NR=1 Everything’s alright

  11. Baldlilocks,
    Yeah, with people like Waddell, crimes aren’t crimes if they happen to certain people. I’ve always figured that was the domestic version of an international policy that doesn’t count the people killed in democide but only the ones killed in “war.” Therefore, marching under Che’s banner is a sign of brotherhood with the oppressed, but noting that Saddam Hussein is no longer killing his countrymen is a spurious and unimportant claim.

  12. Actually Ginny and Baldilocks, the crime is illegally smuggling people into the USA, however, the evidence of that crime is a cash transaction that occured in Mexico so it is rather hard to prove. “Kidnapping” is the charge the cops quite effectively use in Phoenix because they can get the illegals in the ‘safe house’ to point a finger at the coyote who brought them in – “he made me come here and won’t let me leave”. Very few of these ‘kidnapping’ charges ever go to court – it is actually a deal gone sour between two criminals – the coyote who smuggled the folks in and the people who entered the country illegally. The coyote is plea-bargained down to what he really did and the illegal is shipped back to Mexico. The statistics you cite are for kidnapping charges, while kidnapping convictions are virtually non-existant in Phoenix. I would think that would be a clue bright folks like you would raise an eyebrow at – if you bothered to look into it rather than simply spew the mantra.

    Your comment, Baldilocks, was intended to imply that law abiding US citizens are at risk in Phoenix because of the crimes the Mexicans have introduced to this country, wasn’t it? In fact, you asserted that the “Mexican drug cartels” were doing the kidnapping. The blurring of the distinction between the drug cartels and the smugglers of illegals looking for work is the lie anti-immigrant crowd uses to bolster their case. First you ascribe the kidnappings to the drug cartels and equate them with the terrorist in New York City – now you change up your story to be concerned with the plight of illegals who are victims of the coyotes who extort them for more money? Get your story straight.

    Ginny – your concern for the illegals is touching. I am curious how clarifying the kidnapping data in Phoenix puts me in common cause with Che and the anti-Itaq war crowd? That bi-polar approach is absurd, but typical. One must either be all-in or all-out with the conservative agenda. As the very proud father of a Mexican-born US citizen who is serving his third tour in the Middle East as a highly decorated staff sergeant in the Airborne, I am willing to bet that I know more about both the war in Iraq and Mexico than you do. Anyone who disagrees with your world view is, by definition, a communist, anti-war, Che supporter? 30% of the US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan defending your right to blather such insults on the Internet are of Hispanic origin and are, according to you, Che-loving, Sadam sympathizers because they by and large oppose the anti-immigration blather.

    You two really ought to look into this stuff and get the facts before you launch – opening your mouth and letting Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity force feed you is no more intelligent than letting Rachael Maddow and Michael Moore tell you the ‘truth’ and what to think. Unless, of course, you are not really interested in the truth and simply use Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh to re-enforce simple-minded views.

  13. Mr. Waddell,
    I am willing to be corrected in terms of the nature of the kidnappings in Phoenix – I was merely using a statistic that has been, it is true, used without such context by pundits.

    And mentioning the “war is terrible” but “shit happens” in terms of democide was probably a lazy way of criticizing the mentality that doesn’t care what goes on in some countries (or in some parts of town). And I can understand your irritation.

    That people think high crime is bad and that the border needs policing does not, however, make them the kind of people you rapidly assume they are. I’ve always been pro-immigration, have always thought that Mexican immigrants, at least where I live, were more often a positive addition than a negative one. But that lawlessness on the border might drive Arizonans to such laws as this one is not surprising. And, in fact, your paragraph becomes a bit incoherent. It was, in fact, your comment that implied that illegals kidnapping illegals was not important. My remark was that kidnapping is an act that is horrible no matter who is kidnapped. Your response is that I’m a mindless follower of Rush Limbaugh and am unaware that Hispanics are a large percentage of American soldiers. If this is your version of discussion, I suspect you put a good many people’s backs up rather than convince them.

  14. Ginny,

    I put people’s back’s up rather than convince them??? Aren’t you the one who wrote, “With people like Waddell …” with absolutely no knowledge of who I am am or what I am “like”, then proceeded to equate my thought proceses to those who would support Che Gueverra and sympathize with Sadam Hussein?

    You acknowledge that you cite statistics that have been provided by “pundits” without proper context, but get after me for assuming you are accepting facts from pundits without context??? What’s up with that?

    I never implied that kidnappings of illegals is not important – I merely described them for what they are – and took exception to Baldilock’s assigning them to Mexican drug cartels and equating them to the terrorism in New York City.

    I share your view that most of the immigrants from Mexico add more positive than negative. I also understand the need for security. The issue is important, complex and requires both firm resolve and human compassion. It is not a simple one and the discussion is not helped by people such as Baldilocks who liken the issues in Phoenix to terrorist attacks in Times Square.

    Finally, the “lawlessness on the border” is not quite as rampant as the media might have us think. I find it interesting that Tucson – a good 100 miles closer to the border than Phoenix and directly on the illegals’ route from Mexico to Phoenix – has filed suit against the State of Arizona to have the immigrant law repealed. The sheriff of Pima County (where Tucson is) came out against the law from the get go. That hardly is reflective of any lawlessness along the border. As I said, the answer to the problem is not nearly as simple as the media – or grandstanding politicians who pass meaningless, but inflammatory laws, such as the Arizona law – would have us believe.

  15. “Wait. Do we know for a fact that he isn’t also a Tea Party activist? All responsible journalists must look into this possibility at once.” – The Leftist media was way ahead of you on this one, Jon. Didn’t George Bush once quip, “Of course I like the New York Times. I like news that’s, ummm, predictable.”

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