The weekend before Memorial Day in southern California

I thought this photo might strike a chord with the Chicago crowd.


This is Lake Arrowhead at 12:40 PM, May 24. I have been planning to retire there but, after seeing this, might give it more thought. I have had weekend homes there for 35 years and don’t believe I have seen snow past March. They had a lot of snow in February this year, over a foot, and it is very clean but this is getting ridiculous.

Lake Arrowhead is at about 5200 feet elevation at the lake surface. There is snow all over southern California today above 4500 feet, which is below the level of the passes to central California.

That darned Climate Change.

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  1. I used to think that nice weather started in April, which coincided with my mother’s birthday. Now we still get crappy weather here into MAY. Today was probably the first summer-like day of the year.

    It is like Siberia here!

  2. I was camping last night near Monterey, and it was the coldest camping trip I’ve ever been on. Temperature in the 40s and a howling wind. Damn that global warming!

  3. THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!!

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  4. There is no danger today from man made climate change. It is sheer hubris to assume that humans have ever been able to drastically alter the climate of our planet by accident.

    To be sure, the day will come when we will set off 10,000 nuclear bombs at the same time — but I doubt there will be anyone left to complain about climate change.

    And the day will come when some one will steer a very large comet or small moon into a crash with the Earth.

    But we are NOT going to end civilization by driving our kids to school in large SUVs nor by using regular light bulbs both day and night nor by overheating our homes in winter and overcooling in summer.

    FYI – there is a PDO parked off the coast of Oregon which will cause cold weather for the next 20-30 years. In addition there is a 560 year cycle from ice age to ice age. The last ice age was 1530-1630. Next one is 2090 – 2190.

    Think of our sun as a space ship coasting through the universe. Over the years we pass through “warm” spots and “cold” spots in the universe. Sometimes we get hit by beams of radiation from other “suns”.

    Given the astronomical forces in play what we do on earth is laughable.

  5. Michael, Thanks for posting. We’re having a relatively mild spring here in Northern Virginia, too—but thankfully, no snow! (We had enough snow in Dec/Feb:)

    Sol Vason: Your remarks reminded me of a quote attributed to Galileo: “To me, a great ineptitude exists of the part of those who would have it that God made the universe more in proportion to the small capacity of their reason than to His immense, His infinite, power.”

  6. I went camping this weekend up near Wrightwood in CA (about 50 miles west of Lake Arrowhead)…after a weekend with near-perfect weather, our group woke up Sunday morning to snow! We couldn’t believe it – quite beautiful though. Quite a nice scene to pack up our camp in…Damn global warming! ;)

  7. Our traditional frost-free date here n. of Boston is Memorial Day. With temps this week in the 80s, I think that I’ve missed any opportunity to plant peas. Can we have some of that snow, please? :)

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