A “Jobs Program,” not an education system

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I just saw this yesterday over at Big Government. Why we allow these education bureaucrats and teacher’s unions to bankrupt an entire civilization is beyond me.

The U.S. Economy Needs Fewer Public School Jobs, Not More

I don’t have time this morning to copy and paste the two graphs in this post right now, but I urge all of you to go the linked article, print the two graphs, and carry them around in your wallets and purses. Show them to any dingbat who thinks education spending is “for the children.”

6 thoughts on “A “Jobs Program,” not an education system”

  1. Welcome aboard!

    I think the center of the problem is the schools of education. For the most part, these schools train future teachers in ways that are so soul-deadening that they discourage people with independence and spirit from joining the profession. They also are leading promulgators of educational fads, often based on no research or shallow research.

    Of the many irresponsible things done by today’s university administrators, allowing ed schools to continue in their present malign form is surely one of the worst.

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