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  • Science or Bust

    Posted by Dan from Madison on June 29th, 2010 (All posts by )

    This is a great talk:



    7 Responses to “Science or Bust”

    1. Locomotive Breath Says:

      What the fails to recognize is that most of the advances he lauds are created by the evil corporate capitalists.

    2. Carl from Chicago Says:

      I don’t know if you even listened to the talk

      He is talking about empirical facts and willful ignorance

    3. Mitch Says:

      I don’t know who this guy is, but he seems to have discovered that after Liberals deserted liberty, Progressives have deserted progress.

    4. TMLutas Says:

      Thanks for putting this up. It’s reminded me to work on my project to create a catalog of all the TED videos. I trailed off at 242.

    5. CG Chicago Says:

      Autism is in the family, and I did a lot of reading before giving my child the MMR vaccine. Everything he says is true about MMR.

      That said…I understand parent’s unease.

      I think there are some children, premies — or those that are immunocompromised for some reason, who shouldn’t be given vaccines, or should be given them later. A man was sent to jail for shaking his baby and later exonerated, it turns out his son, born extremely premmature had a reaction to a particular vaccine that caused his brain to swell.

      …of course I also believe that healthy children like my son should get his vaccines so he won’t be a carrier of Measles/Polio, etc. and infect those immunocompromised children.

      A little OT: Somehow every time we tried to give him the MMR vaccine he was sick with something else. We waited until he had a clean bill of health as suggested by the manufacturer…he had a serious reaction to it anyway — 104 fever and he got the rash, his behavior changed for a time too, for some reason he stopped potty training, not sure why. I’m certain the measles would have been worse, but it was SCARY.

    6. Locomotive Breath Says:

      Cf. “Big Pharma”

    7. pst314 Says:

      “I don’t know if you even listened to the talk”

      Well, I stopped listening after he said that humanity is going to become extinct unless we get all green and socialist.