“…the end of hostilities and the start of the real war.”

Check out this post on Winds of Change, an email from a special operations soldier in Iraq. A sample:

Our search and destroy missions are largely at night, free of reporters and generally terrifying to those brave warriors of Allah.

The only thing that frightens them more is hearing the word “Gitmo”. The word is out that a trip to Guantanimo Bay is not a Caribbean vacation and they usually start squealing like the little mice they are, when an interrogator mentions “Gitmo”.

No wonder the International Red Cross, the National Council of Churches and the French keep protesting about the place. They know it has proven to be very effective in keeping several hundred real fanatical psychopaths in check and very frankly would rather see them cut loose to go kill some more GIs or innocent Americans, just to make W. look bad.

We have about 200 really bad guys in custody now and probably will park them in the desert behind a triple roll of razor wire, backed up by a couple of Bradleys pointed their way, if they decide to riot. Maybe a few will get to Gitmo but most are human garbage that wouldn’t take on your five-year old grandson face-to-face. The more we go after them and not vice-versa I think we will see the sniper attacks go down. Yeah, they’ll get lucky now and then, but it’s showtime, fellows.

This ain’t no quagmire. It’s a rat hunt. And it smells like victory. Not fast, not pretty, not easy, but certain and permanent.

Read it all. (Via Donald Sensing)