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The piece goes on to say that Inglis “believes a majority of Republicans in Congress think similarly . . . but are afraid to speak out because ‘hot’ voices in television and radio talks shows have the microphone and are driving angry voters.”
But it’s Inglis — and like-minded Republicans — who make people angry. They have shown no leadership in attempting to fix what is wrong with Washington. They have passively, and actively, contributed to big government — which accounts for their abysmal approval ratings (Gallup, 20 percent).

-Richard Viguerie: Good riddance to establishment GOP

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  1. Maybe,if we have to have representatives,they should be picked at random from a list of people who support the system with their taxes.Electoral politics attracts parasites who become an established political class, and then proceed to suck the blood out of the society they colonise.

  2. Renminbi,

    You’re not alone in considering that idea. It works pretty well for juries, why not for political representatives. The more conventional proposal to increase the number of House seats might have some of the same benefits and is perhaps within the realm of political conceivability.

  3. There are a few downsides. I was testifying in a medical malpractice trial in New York City when the jury sent a note to the judge asking that he order one juror to bathe. They couldn’t stand the smell in the jury room.

  4. In general the Republican Party leadership has found that their best tactic is to let the Democrats keep digging their hole.

    They have little power to stop the Democrats in Congress from enacting the legislation they want and certainly no way to stop Obama from signing it nor to overturn a veto.

    Let the voters see what a government of liberals means and see if that changes hearts and minds.

    Given their power, they need to wait and make their move in the November elections.

    Of course, there are some RINOs like Snowe that make matters worst than need be. Only the Maine voters in Snowe’s case can remedy that.

  5. As members in good standing of our current “Ruling Class,” the Establishment GOP shares this with the Left/Liberal/Democrat/Progressive colleagues: they can no more comprehend the Tea Party than a squirrel can comprehend the car about to run over it.

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