Sorry About That

This blog was out of service for a few hours, possibly because of a problem with the “Recent Comments” plugin that displays reader comments in the blog’s right sidebar. I’m not sure if the problem is fixed, but I’m disabling the comments plugin until I can find something to replace it with. Apologies for the inconvenience. [UPDATE: I reactivated the comments display in the right sidebar.]

Can anyone recommend a comment-display plugin or feed-reader for WordPress 2.8x-3.x that will fit in a blog sidebar? We used a Grazr feed reader for this purpose and, aside from the minor annoyance of delayed comment display due to caching, it worked pretty well — you could comfortably read the entire text of each comment in the feed window and thus follow comment threads from the blog’s front page. But Grazr is no more, so I installed Recent Comments. This works adequately, but it’s a step down in usefulness because it lacks Grazr’s clever way of displaying the full text of comments. And it caches comments so that they don’t display for an unpredictable amount of time after they are posted. Is there something better out there? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Sorry About That”

  1. That’s too bad about Grazr. I remember when Critt Jarvis was working with Adam from Grazr and he installed it on Tom Barnett’s original site and had me install it on my old blogspot blog and you did likewise here The Grazr app embed was ahead of it’s time then but never really caught fire or evolved further.

  2. It was a nice product but it never became popular. IMO its flaw was that you couldn’t aggregate multiple feeds in one window. But even a perfected version might have failed commercially. Who knows. Who would have predicted the popularity of Twitter?

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