White Rabbit

Go to the White Flag website here and click on “video” for a super-cool version of the great, trippy, rockin’ psychedelic hit “White Rabbit” — with Ronnie from the Muffs playing bass and Kim Shattuck from the Muffs singing. A most excellent, solid, respectful version. Kim has the pipes to pull it off, though Grace Slick’s faux epic style is nothing like her usual approach to a song. Ms. Shattuck looks a little uncomfortable not having a guitar to hide behind, but she has a commanding stage presence, guitar or no guitar. (The thought inevitably occurs that the Muffs could do a shatteringly good version of “Somebody to Love” — and Kim is capable of outdoing Jorma Kaukonen’s blistering guitarwork. I’d sure like to hear that. But, alas, I suppose this is all too much to hope for.)

2 thoughts on “White Rabbit”

  1. (1) My brother in law worked for him, so I have heard all the dirt, and (2) other than that, I don’t know a damn thing about him. That’s why. Perhaps someone can start a rival blog with the Nobelists, etc. we haven’t used. All bets are off if someone sends me a link to a video of Heckman singing White Rabbit. Or even White Christmas.

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