Lex Blogs up a Storm

The other ChicagoBoyz seem to have been out doing something fun this Labor Day weekend, leaving me at the helm. Woo hoo. I have littered the place up with a bunch of rock’n’roll stuff, and empty beer bottles, as well as a few things having to do with war and politics, but no graphs or charts. (I should resolve to have more “econ” in my posts. Talk about business models, and use expressions like “risk premium”. So I’d fit in better around here.) Lest you become exhausted scrolling down looking for something worth reading, here’s a handy, time-saving list:

1. Kim Shattuck sings White Rabbit, Lex swoons.
2. Walter Russell Mead (Mr. “Jacksonian”) interview.
3. Election? What election?(There is something screwy about this post. You may have to scroll down.)
4. I still say Hillary is running.
5. Kaplan and War Nerd on the Costs and Techniques of Empire.
6. Lex has a snit about some Catholic bashing.
7. Groovy 1977 Punk Rock Nostalgia.

This scratches the surface of what I would like to write about. Other stuff includes a post about the incredible prescience and timeliness of the writings of James Burnham, or one about the excellent military history books of Bruce Gudmundsson, or one about some recent books on the American military I’ve been reading, or a piece about the Duke of Wellington’s remarkable essay about why Napoleon lost in Russia, or a bunch of stuff about the California recall race. That’s all just off the seat of my pants, and not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow. But life has its demands. Blogging is much like a drug habit, which we fight to keep under control. We do what we can.

Best wishes to all parents and students and teachers who are starting a new school year on September 2, 2003, or soon thereafter.

6 thoughts on “Lex Blogs up a Storm”

  1. Absolutely.

    It’s been a bit more than Labor Day w-e for some of us, though. I arrived in the US since the 24th of August for an apartment hunting trip, bathing in the bliss of being back for the first time since I left in April 2002, and rediscovering every single little detail of local life, from the smell coming out of Kelly’s Roast Beef on Route 1 to the massive pancakes at Joyce’s Kitchen in Newmarket, NH, and sampling the local brews with whoever I meet and haven’t seen in a while.

    The news is I have found a new dig down the street from where I used to live (in the boondocks, where ice fishing is at least as popular as skiing). Significantly more expensive but a lot more luxurious too.

    Now comes the real fun bit : a new car.

    So I’ll be stepping aside a bit longer…Cheers.

  2. Sylvain, welcome back not only to America but to New England — and to the state where the flinty old yankee virtues still thrive. Live free or die!

  3. Welcome back and good fortune. Hope you get settled in soon because Lex and I are eager for a ride in your new Fucci-Mannouli.

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