Osama’s Friggin’ Dead

I don’t have a TV, so I didn’t see the Osama video until tonight, when my wife insisted we find it on the Net. We did.

So, nu? That’s it? Osama walking on some rocks, with a voice over? Riiiiight.

This convinces me Osama’s friggin’ dead, or so beat to sh*t that they don’t want to put him on TV. It would have been nothing to just have him look at the camera and say “Paul Bremer will drown in fire and his own blood” or some such Islamo-flavored threatening bull pucky. That would absolutely prove he’s alive, now, today. But nooooo.

This is the best they can do? Ha. Dude. We’re winning.

5 thoughts on “Osama’s Friggin’ Dead”

  1. At best, this video shows Bin Laden’s recent lot: a smelly, arthritic, cave-dweller, with a neolithic existence, and neolithic technology lumbers, half-crippled, down the side of a hill. That’s it. He looked like he was about to have a nervous breakdown. It took 2 years to get a few minutes of this videotape? You can be sure that this was edited so as to show him at his best. A lot of damage he’s going to do to the west. Pathetic really.
    In fact, though, this is probably several months old – he has to be dead.

  2. I am stunned that I have not seen one news channel or newscast place the last known video of Bin Laden side by side with this one. Maybe they just did and I missed it. In the last one I recall his hair looked horribly gray, in this one only statesmanly gray. Pretty sure he’s not getting “Just for Men” where he’s hiding out (unless that is on some French Estate) so I think this “new” footage is years old.

  3. Yeah, it is pretty amazing that the “unbiased” news media is just reporting this as if it were real. They just want to glom onto any bad news they can find. What professionalism. Report outrageous enemy propaganda, in wartime, as fact. Anything to shave a few points off of Bush’s approval ratings.

    Osama is the new Elvis. Watch. Sightings will continue for years. Maybe the Forgotten Rebels can re-record their classic “Elvis is Dead” (the big fat goof is dead) as “Osama’s Dead” (the skinny dirtbag is dead). That would be cool.

  4. I also believe he is dead. The last video from Tora Bora showed him to be wounded and paralyzed on one side. If he died slowly of gas gangrene, it is a fate much to kind for him and his ilk.

    An intersting tidbit:
    The latest al-Jazeera tape notwithstanding, the best information available shows that Osama bin Laden died on December 5, 2001 in Afghanistan and buried the same day in an unmarked grave. At the time OBL’s death was confirmed by the United Mujahedin Organization (UMO), the principal radical group that once supported him. In the past two years several members of bin Laden’s extended family, always speaking on condition of anonymity, have confirmed his death.

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