2010 Chicago Air & Water Show

The Chicago Air & Water Show gives me a great chance to watch jets in our skies over the city. I have a good view from my balcony and friends of ours have an awesome view from atop their building near the lake. On Saturday (day one) I took a few photos from my balcony and on Sunday I got some from my friends’ deck.

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

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7 thoughts on “2010 Chicago Air & Water Show”

  1. IIRC they used to have Coast Guard rescue demonstrations, as well as a rowing contest for the local lifeguards. For all I know they now have Mayor Daley on a jet ski. Nobody ever attended the show to watch the water part.

  2. They did not have a lot of the older planes in the show, mostly newer planes and then the stunt planes.

    I can never see the water because you have to get out there early and sit all day and I just wait for the later jets and like taking photos among the big buildings.

  3. Nice photos.

    Some years back I went to a Chicago Air and Water Show party. A physician that I knew had a condo in a building overlooking the lake. Amazing seeing all that from so high up.

    – Madhu

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