Well alright. This is why it pays to have a blog, which strictly speaking doesnít pay at all. One of our many tasteful readers, a ChicagoBoy himself, sent along a link to a cool Japanese girl rock band theís. I never heard of them before but the tunes available on their site are pretty darn good. Hard-edged, rockabilly tinged garage punk. Great guitar sound. Pity about the overly snarky vocals. (Ya know, even though you are some kind of “punk”, really, it’s OK to sing.) They remind me a little of Thee Headcoatees, a little of the Cramps. Overall a solid B+ based on what Iíve heard so far.

  1. It would appear that you’ll be hearing a lot more of these girls (even though the band has disbanded). In the forthcoming movie Kill Bill, the soundtrack will have their song Woo Hoo.

  2. Maybe I’ve become inured to Japanese English, but I like the, um, singing. The last thing Japan needs is more too-cute female vocals. (There can never be enough cute female vocalists, however.)

    NOTE: The’s have NOT broken up. They’ll be playing this Friday night in Tokyo and next Tuesday in Los Angeles.

  3. Lex,

    I apologize for misposting. I don’t really like Shonen Knife enough to miss the Great Pumpkin… now if they’d booked it on the 30th….

  4. Yea i just saw kill bill yesturday and man that was so cool. I did notice the’s band which includes those three hot japanese girls. Their retro sound is tottally rad. I was wondering if you could tell me where i can get a concert calendar for them because I definately want to see them live. E-mail me back if you can buddy. thanks dude.

  5. Hey I just got the kill bill soundtrack and I think The’s kick ass does anyone know where I could d/l some of their songs I can’t find any on kazaa

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