Copter Box

Here is a neat concept for air dropping supplies cheaply. The system uses cheap prefabbed boxes that have a tiny stabilizing parachute and then cardboard rotors that pop out and autorotate to slow the package’s descent. Check out the videos at the bottom of the linked page to see it in operation.

The advantage of this system is that you don’t need a big expensive parachute and you don’t have to have someone who can properly pack a chute. Just grab the boxes, load them up to weight and toss them out of the aircraft.

It will be a big boon for relief and aid workers and yet another innovation created by small-scale capitalists.

It’s funny what you find while researching pre-WWII autogyros.

3 thoughts on “Copter Box”

  1. Ha, Tom!

    You know, it’s starting to look as if were we to bomb our own military with ballots that then get folded and put into bottles in the sea, their votes would count more.

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