7 thoughts on “The Anti-Homicide-Bomber Wall WORKS”

  1. Higher, more barbed wire? Easy for you to say, Lexington, from your comfy pundit box far from harms way. It’s not your land being confiscated, not your people being squeezed out of their ancestral homes.

    Once again, the Israelis are putting our hard earned tax dollars to good use.

  2. Hey, nobody, leave some kind of name next time.

    “Easy for me to say” is right. That is the essence of punditry. If there was a terrorist organization in, say, Mexico, sending suicide bombers into California, we’d have rooted it out by now. Or built a wall. Or both.

    If the Pals don’t want their land to be confiscated any more, they better cut a deal. They don’t want a deal. They want Israel gone and the Jews dead. Too bad for them. It only means the deal they eventually get won’t be as good.

    The wall is effective at protecting Israel. If the Pals want to murder Israelis anymore, they’ll have to come up with a new strategy.

    If they want to keep up with the suicide bombings, they are going to get nothing.

  3. Bad analogy, as the US has not occupied Mexico.

    You obviously don’t know many Palestinians if you believe that “they want Israel gone and the Jews dead.” If you’re truly interested in the subject, you should seek out a few Palestinian viewpoints.

  4. You still haven’t got a name. Why is that? Can’t you make something up? That’s what I do. Use your imagination.

    The analogy was to what degree of force the United States would use to destroy anyone who tried a campaign of suicide bombs against us like what is happening in Israel. We would be far less restrained than the Israelis have been. Anyway, we did occupy Mexico. We took half of it. We kept it, too.

    There are various Palestinian viewpoints which I rely on in making my judgments. First the people who organize the suicide bombers to murder Jews, and the parents who encourage their children to blow themselves up. As a practical matter, the suicide bombers and their backers and parents and neighbors and all who encourage them and put up posters with their pictures on them all speak for the Palestinian people. Second, the people dancing with joy in the streets of the West Bank and Gaza when 3,000 Americans were murdered, they spoke to America and the world on behalf of the Palestinian people. Third, Arafat chants about a million martyrs, i.e. suicide bombers, marching to Jerusalem, and Arafat for some reason or another is taken by the whole world to be the spokesman for the Palestinian people. Fourth, the PLO’s official documents, flag and other symbols show “Palestine” — no Israel is visible on it. The PLO speaks to the world for the Palestians.

    If there are some Palestinians who don’t want Israel gone and the Jews dead, or who don’t want the suicide bombings to continue, they are a minority who are not free to speak aloud under Arafat’s regime. But that’s their problem.

    Defending itself is Israel’s problem, and the Israelis are going to succeed at it.

  5. The September 11th West Bank dancers, parents sending their children off to a suicide bombing with a pat on the fanny … perfect substitutes for real discussion.

  6. “The September 11th West Bank dancers, parents sending their children off to a suicide bombing with a pat on the fanny … perfect substitutes for real discussion.”

    So how do YOU explain these behaviors by Palestinians?

    If you really want real discussion, you might consider using facts and logic to support your assertions. All you’re doing now is heckling and making yourself appear foolish and ignorant.

  7. Fact: Palestinians wanted Israel gone and the Jews dead before their land was occupied, which is why it was occupied.
    Fact: Official platforms for all significant Palestinian movements have called for Israel being gone and for making Jews dead as the mechanism for this.
    Fact: Israel gone and Jews dead gets a lot of support in polls of Palestinians.

    I doubt the part about fanny-patting though. Cheek-kissing is more to be expected in these parts and the terrorists do prefer that the parents not be informed because parents do get sentimental sometimes.

    Also, most of the whining about land confiscation refers to land that is unowned and is “confiscated” only in the sense that the whiner believes it ought to be under Palestinian sovereignty.

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