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  • The World Famous Pontani Sisters …

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on December 5th, 2003 (All posts by )

    … will be coming to your town. Soon. Don’t miss ’em.

    the world famous Pontani sisters

    (See this post to find out more about these lovely and talented young ladies, and the ongoing Christmas Pageant tour.)


    8 Responses to “The World Famous Pontani Sisters …”

    1. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      The big lumberjack saw thing next to the tree doesn’t do it for, for some reason.

      Lovely outfits though.

    2. Charles Says:

      She’s a lumberjack and she’s ok.

      Hey, the tatoo on the one on the left… is that a swallow?

    3. Andy B Says:

      Geez, that photo really got me in the holly-day mood. No doubt the swallow is returning to Capistrano.

    4. David Dylan Says:

      Sleeps all night and works all day? No room for other activities? Bummer. ;-)

    5. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      OK I want a bigger version of the pic as a Windows wallpaper.

    6. Jonathan Says:

      Click on the saw photo to go to their website, then click on “photos”.

    7. Mr. Pibb Says:

      But are they naked?

    8. Lex Says:

      Pibb, No.

      You are monomaniacal. The day is not here where EVERY site on the web has naked women on it.