Too dumb not to be true

Time for a little levity. I came across this while perusing today, it’s the DNC’s official Democratic blog page and they call it…….Kicking Ass. I almost fell on the floor in tears, they put a little bucking donkey in the upper left-hand corner, I guess that’s the ass. That title has to be a McAuliffe idea.

6 thoughts on “Too dumb not to be true”

  1. It’s funny, I don’t think it’s dumb. Whoever designed it knows blogs and knows that it helps to be seen as not taking yourself too seriously.

  2. But c’mon Jonathan, calling yourself an ass? It is understandable when you are publishing an inconsequential blog, but when the originating organization is purporting to be the vehicle of the next leader of the free world?

  3. Andy, I don’t think it’s that dumb. This kind of self-deprecating humor actually goes down well with the younger voters. And given the allure of political parties, you need a fair amount of this stuff to keep their attention.

  4. They are hip, they are informed, they are cutting edge. Their party symbol is the donkey and why not flaunt it? I don’t see any downside, given the kinds of people who are likely to read blogs.

    Besides, it’s not just an ass — it’s a kicking ass. It has edge, it has spirit, it has (yes!) anger. Anyway, you’re not going to vote for them so your opinion doesn’t count. Is the typical Demo reader going to look at the site and think: these guys are dorks? Or is he going to think: hmm. .. I kinda like that angry donkey thing. I bet on the latter.

  5. Yup. It’s simple, and a lot cooler, catchier and more clever than the “mad-as-hell” Dean line, and lightyears above Michael Moore-style ranting (but then, everything is light-years above Moore…).

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