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    Posted by Jonathan on December 18th, 2003 (All posts by )



    8 Responses to “Photo”

    1. Andy B Says:

      Another picture from the streets of Cuba?

    2. Scott Barnard Says:

      So, all we gotta do is strap a bunch of tubes to this baby and we can paddle across the Florida straits to Miami.

    3. Jonathan Says:

      No, all you gotta do is drive down Route A1A. The presence of modern vehicles in the background should be a clue that this fine machine is not located in Cuba. (Not to mention the beautiful paint and body work whose value probably exceeds Cuban GNP.)

      I should have known this photo would be misinterpreted and held off for a while on posting it. It was not intended to accompany my Cuba post.

    4. Peter UK Says:


    5. jan Says:

      I am filled with envy and covered in drool!

    6. Biased Observer Says:

      Yes its pretty, but its still not a Studebaker!

    7. linden Says:

      Why don’t they make vehicles that look like that today? I’m sure they must have the specs laying around somewhere. While I wouldn’t usually buy a truck, I would buy one that looks like that.

    8. David Dylan Says:


      But for a car that I would sell my house for, check out this baby;