He Said What?

General Clark says some amazing things off the cuff:

I would say to the Europeans, you know, we’ve had our differences over the years, but we need you. The real foundation for peace and stability in the world is the transatlantic alliance. And I would say to the Europeans, I pledge to you as the American president that we’ll consult with you first. You get the right of first refusal on the security concerns that we have. We’ll bring you in.

(Via email from some guy.) What does “right of first refusal” mean? Which Europeans? Chirac? Schroeder? Miss Belgium?

Well, OK. I’ll be reasonable. Clark can check with Miss Belgium before we bomb the crap out of anybody. You know, just call her up to rap about it, get her thoughts. But it is strictly consultative and non-binding.

But seriously, can Clark possibly mean this? To whom is he addressing these comments? What constituency in the United States actually wants to give some vague group of foreigners, “the Europeans,” veto power over our national defense? Can this really be the kind of thing you need to say to get the Donk nomination? Is this all about trying to “out-Dean” Dean?

Dudes, things are very bad indeed if this is what a guy has to do to get nominated by one of our major parties. Fortunately, the majority of Americans are going to repudiate this nonsense next November. Then the Donks can go back to the drawing board.

9 thoughts on “He Said <i>What?</i>”

  1. You need to be subtle about these matters of delicate international concern. Just as with Libya, get the British to talk things over with Miss Belgium.

    And as Tony and Jack are very busy these days, as a loyal subject, I am willing to volunteer for this mission. It’s the least I can do for Queen and country.

  2. John, good luck in your mission.

    I have long held to the view that Miss Belgium, who is term limited to one one-year term, should automatically become the EU President as a perk of her office. She could be photographed, smiling and waving, from the balcony of her palace suite of offices in Brussels. That would be the full extent of her substantive powers.

  3. Someone commented elsewhere that it seems that Clark is running for president of the EU, not president of the USA. That strikes me as a rather insightful observation.

  4. Lex, that’s my kind of European constitution.
    (You not available to do ‘Mission Impossible’-style impersonations of Giscard d’Estaing by any chance?)

  5. I’m too fat to impersonate Giscard. Nonetheless, I think my constitutional proposals would meet with far more universal approval than his have.

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