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  1. Yep, postal vote, no problems, as long as the process itself is secret.

    Just consider the number of muslim households where the Man dictates what is what, who votes where, and makes sure that the women do as they are told.

    Remember, when Sharia Law comes to a district near you, all the add-ons come along as well!

    To trust the process, all the process users must themselves be worthy of that trust!

  2. No problems voting in our little town with its small university. My husband voted about 7:15 AM and had about a 3 minute wait for one of the touch screens and I voted at about 9:45 AM and had no wait, although just managed to get the only unoccupied booth. The poll watcher said we were getting about 50 voters per hour, which was better than normal there. Tonight will be interesting.

  3. I work from home, so I thought if I went at around noon I will be voting in solitude. Wrong!
    Although there was no line, the place was filled.
    I asked the volunteer lady who explained new rules (there is no “one-hand-bandits in my voting district, only the paper ballots or their screen equivalent), if there were a lot of people voting. She said they experience “surges” of voters, and way after 9am, too. “People are out of work, so they have time to vote…”
    She had an “R” on her badge.

  4. After a day in Orange County, my previous home, I arrived in Lake Arrowhead at 6PM. The polling place (a middle school) was jammed. There were two long lines divided by alphabet. The voters spilled over and most ignored the flimsy voting booths and just used the library tables in the school to mark ballots. As I left, there was a steady stream of voters and a steady stream of cars into the school parking lot.

    Lake Arrowhead is an expensive resort in the mountains but the permanent residents tend to be working class and retirees (like me). My impression is that it is very Republican. I had some contractors working on my house this summer. They were all union carpenters and electricians and far to the right of my politics.

    The enthusiasm was infectious. No cheering but lots of determination. There are a lot of houses up here in foreclosure or close to it. Only about 7,000 permanent residents (counting kids) but they are obviously involved.

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  6. Jonathan, spam alert.

    All that enthusiasm last night was wasted as California, like the 1983 Labour Party, voted for a long suicide note. I wonder who Jerry Brown thinks will bail him out now that the House is in Republican hands.

  7. “Me and my Valu-Qual coupon book are gonna paint the town red, with savings! I’ll start with a couple of pizzas, then a complimentary tango lesson, and I’ll cap it off with a smooth, refreshing colonic. [singing] Do you like pina colonics, and getting caught in the rain …”


  8. Just make sure your colonic doctor uses antiseptic. There’s a lot of hepatitis going around and that can ruin your day.

    Remember the “Enema Bandit” at U of I a couple of decades ago ? Did they ever catch him or did he just go into business ?

  9. Was that the same enema bandit that Frank Zappa immortalized in song? God, I hope so, or otherwise there are more than one enema bandits running around. Perhaps even a “Fleet,” shall we say (ahem).

    Turning to a different kind of bums, back to elections. I heard this and haven’t had time to confirm: did Illinois’ congressional delegation really just switch from majority Dem to majority Republican?

    If so, how the hell did we end up with Pat Quinn as governor again???

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