My Facebook Status For Today

Neither corrrupt party gives a damn about you, the individual – as long as the casino is open. We are finally seeing candidates (not necessarily in my districts) who care about individuals, and the rights of individuals as our founders saw them. There will be failures. This is a generational war. One that I am a warrior in. One that will be won. And the spoils of the war will be enjoyed by my children – and yours.

5 thoughts on “My Facebook Status For Today”

  1. Caring about the rights of individuals is the important part. When rights are protected individuals are free to act. Vote freedom!

  2. The founders were fairly narrow in who got to vote and allowed slavery to continue, so we ought not rush to return to the good old days.

    If you don’t vote, then I have better chance of my vote counting for more. thanks

  3. They had little choice in slavery if they were to survive as a nation. They did act to reduce the power of the slave states. Slavery exists today in Africa and Arab countries.

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