9 thoughts on “Photo”

  1. Interesting picture. Ex-liberals leaving Camp G ewirtz after completing their 6-month reeducation program ?

  2. Funny comment Sylvain.

    What camera do you use Jonathan? It has good low light caoabilities. I use Nikon’s Cookpix 4500 which is also good at low light pics.

  3. Ha. These are actually people leaving a New Year’s eve party that I attended.

    In-Cog, I took the photo using an old film camera that I steadied against a balcony railing. I think you could have made this picture with any camera as long as you had a support.

  4. Wow, nice. I was always too lazy to mess with the settings on my old SLR. Nowadays it’s so easy since the camera does it all for you and displays it on the LCD.

  5. Glad you like the pic.

    IMO a camera’s most important characteristic is portability. If it’s small enough, and you carry it habitually, you are bound to get some interesting photos merely because you are ready when the opportunity arises.

  6. It’s got to be usable quickly too. My digital camera takes great photos but it takes too long to “boot”.

    On the other hand, the little VGA camera on my Treo 600 phone is great for quick snapshots. Low-res though.

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