9 thoughts on “Want some fries with that?”

  1. I have eaten at the same McDonalds as Dan Gorske. He is in the Guiness Book of World Records for eating 18,000 Big Macs over a span of thirty years (one a day, missing only eight days). He is thin and has 155 cholesterol.

  2. The great documentary film maker might not have much to document if he ate the food and nothing happened. I am guessing that he understood that a film showing McDonald’s as benign would not likely become “the darling of this year’s Sundance Film Festival.” Call me cynical.

  3. mmmm…McDonald’s….My first Friday evening pleasure on the way back to work is to pick up a Big Mac at the teeny franchise a mile from my house.

    And in case someone wonders what is wrong with this Frenchman, profit growth per McDonadl’s restaurant in France was one of the highest worldwide in the past few years. Go figure.

    Best part being sitting in one of them in Paris, and listen to the kids at the next table talk about the Michael Moore movie they just saw, chewing on fries and a Royal Cheese (you know, the quarter pounder…). Wearing Nike sneakers, Gap sweaters and Dockers cargo pants. Of course (duh).

  4. Wonder what would happen if he ate nothing but the stuff his vegan girlfriend cooked up for 30 days?

    Who cares anyway? We should be good libertarians and allow our fellow citizens to impale themselves on their own bad habits should they choose to do so. Only a fool would eat MCD every day and expect no consequences. And the judge should toss the case immediately, and make the plaintiff pay the MCD legal tab.

  5. Actually, the consequences also depend on your lifestyle. The diet of the average worker or farmer circa 1940 would be a no-no today. But since people were less likely to sit on their ass all day, and worked longer hours and usually burned more energy, they were fine. Our lifestyle, and our purchasing power, simple evolve a lot quicker than our diet.

    Eating like some french farmers I know would turn me into a fat blob within 4 to 6 weeks too. But that has nothing to do with the food. I sit all day. They work outdoors 10 hours a day. Even with modern machinery, they will just burn much more of their daily calories than I will.

  6. Heh, when I was a fresh college drop-out I worked at a McDonald’s for 7 months. It was almost all I ate for most of that time period (living in Davis, CA sucked up all available money as rent).

    Even being on my feet all day running around the store working, I still put on weight, felt like crap, got acne worse than I’ve ever had in my life, and don’t find the results of this ‘experiment’ surprising at all.

    That said, I still eat at McD’s from time to time, as their 3 ring binder mandates the cleanest kitchens known to God and Man. You have to make ALL of the steel in the place shine at the end of each night, etc. etc. and they’ll yank the license of a franchisee who bombs too many secret shopper visits on quality and cleanliness alone.

    And they have their own, BSE-free beef supplies world-wide. They helped develop a lot of BSE-related tech, standards and practices after the Mad Cow mess in Britain in the 90’s.

    But eating a totally fast food burger joint diet from any company will probably cause the same problems, regardless of quality, and the comments above about diet mattering less when you’re actually doing physical work are right on the mark.

  7. That’s nothing compared to what happened to the guy who hate nothing but taco bell for a month. Those creamed beans/bacteria cultures nearly did him in.

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