A new Ice Age. Maybe ?

There is a great deal of argument about the reality of anthropogenic global warming. Al Gore is on one side and the weather seems to be on the other. People are even talking about the “Gore Effect.” This is unexpected cold weather that seems to follow Al Gore around. If he comes to town to give a speech about how the world is warming, expect a cold snap or even snow.

Right now, Britain, and much of Europe, are enduring a terrible winter. This has been called the worst winter in Britain in 100 years. The British Met Office predicted a warm winter. London, however, was prepared for snow. A lot of snow. The result has been that London has kept up quite well with the weather except for Heathrow Airport which has been closed for two days. (My niece has been trapped there since the weekend.) Why did London city do better than Heathrow and most of the rest of Britain ?

The Mayor explains.
He uses a private weather forecaster who is getting more and more respect from people who have to know about the weather, like farmers and business people.

And the Mayor of London.

Is it really true that no one saw this coming?

Actually, they did. Allow me to introduce readers to Piers Corbyn, meteorologist and brother of my old chum, bearded leftie MP Jeremy. Piers Corbyn works in an undistinguished office in Borough High Street. He has no telescope or supercomputer. Armed only with a laptop, huge quantities of publicly available data and a first-class degree in astrophysics, he gets it right again and again.

Back in November, when the Met Office was still doing its “mild winter” schtick, Corbyn said it would be the coldest for 100 years. Indeed, it was back in May that he first predicted a snowy December, and he put his own money on a white Christmas about a month before the Met Office made any such forecast. He said that the Met Office would be wrong about last year’s mythical “barbecue summer”, and he was vindicated. He was closer to the truth about last winter, too.

He seems to get it right about 85 per cent of the time and serious business people – notably in farming – are starting to invest in his forecasts. In the eyes of many punters, he puts the taxpayer-funded Met Office to shame. How on earth does he do it? He studies the Sun.

He looks at the flow of particles from the Sun, and how they interact with the upper atmosphere, especially air currents such as the jet stream, and he looks at how the Moon and other factors influence those streaming particles.

He takes a snapshot of what the Sun is doing at any given moment, and then he looks back at the record to see when it last did something similar. Then he checks what the weather was like on Earth at the time – and he makes a prophecy.

Many of us climate skeptics believe that the sun controls our climate and Piers Corbyn believes that the last three winters could be the harbinger of a mini ice age that could be upon us by 2035, and that it could start to be colder than at any time in the last 200 years. He goes on to speculate that a genuine ice age might then settle in, since an ice age is now cyclically overdue.”

Are we now in a Dalton Minimum ?

Well, it doesn’t look good. How long before the climate science people open their eyes ?

it is a full two years since the month of solar minimum, this was a good opportunity to update a lot of graphs of solar activity.

Read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “A new Ice Age. Maybe ?”

  1. The Climate Change believers were the bible thumpers and narrow minded flat earthers, not the deniers. And as a former believer, I can say we denied ancient climates, denied denier science, moralized science and made a virtue out of no evidence. And our “unstoppable warming” was our cowardly death threat and the spear of fear held at our children’s backs for 24 years of needless fear mongering. If we selfish Darth Vader’s of CO2 environMENTALism had spent as much time loving the planet, as we did hating humanity, we wouldn’t see this splitting of environmenalism and how it is also dragging down all of progressivism with it.
    Drop the CO2 and respect the planet anew.
    System Change, not Climate Change.

    Still not convinced? Consider this. If you still think promising to lower the seas with taxes is sustainable for another 24 years with we the voters, YOU are the new denier.
    This was OUR Iraq War and climate change has done to science, politicians and journalists, what nasty priests did to religion.
    Let’s be real Liberals again. Liberals who doubt, question and challenge authority. Not obedient Greenzis who act more like environmental neocons of fear mongering instead of being lovers of the planet.
    Get ahead of the curve everyone. If we don’t back off of the CO2 mistake soon, we could be out of power for a decade.
    Oh, and I’d say stop scaring my kids but even they are laughing now. The next generation won’t be so kind to the groundless and irresponsible CO2 death threats.

  2. Where I am sitting at 40 north and 83 west, was covered by about a km of ice 13,000 years ago during the last ice age. A new ice age would create major problems.

  3. “Meme Mine Says:
    December 21st, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    System Change, not Climate Change.”

    Almost right. “Cyclical Variation, not Climate Change” captures the reality better.

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